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The stage is set

This is all plain to see the nrl is rigged see it's all about money parra sell out there game = $$$$ so parra will be in a gf this year not because of ba but nrl pre planned before the season kicks off they set who has to be in the gf 

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  • This is the worse blog trying to discredit what BA has done with the team to get them where they are.

    The NRL doesn't decide results.  The refs are not corrupt they are just extremely bad at their job as they are coached into going into games with pre conceived ideas of how many penalties to blow, and to watch some players or teams closely according to their reputation

    • What's he done 7 years 1 final 2 straights sets 2nd final out first game idiot oh I know what ba has done here he fukn lied no wooden spoon under his belt hey

  • Take your meds! This is the most delusional thing I have read in a long time. 

    • I would rather watch your site xx 

    • That’s because superdope hasn’t said anything for a longtime. If you think this blog is delusional you should read some of his other blogs. 

      • Coming from a pigs arse time to eat your cud 

  • Dickhead.

    • Fishbulb or should I say pin dick 

      • Nice one dickhead.

  • It's definitely rigged but it won't be the Eels in the GF although it would be great! I reckon it's going to be a Roosters vs Raiders GF. 

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