The players the Eels need to sign

Come November 1 when a lot of players are allowed to negotiate with rival clubs I reckon Parra need to invest heavily.

With Tepai Moeroa heading of to union, Manu Ma'u leaving for hull (rip) and Bevan french finally of to WIgan after being the highest-paid Reserve grade player in the game Parra are cashed up.

Not to mention the others of contract such as Andrew Davey, Josh Hoffman, Michael Jennings, Greg Leleisiuao, Tim Mannah, Matt McIlwrick, Ray Stone, Brad Takairangi, Peni Terepo.

But where does this money go?

I think to start off a prime target has to David Fifita, to fill the huge hole that Ma'u has left in our second row, although he commands a 700k price tag I think he would be a valuable addition due to his youth and potential development as a player in the future

Currently, our outside backs are in good shape and by Issuing Sivo a new contract I don't think there is any need for Radradra if he wanted 1 mil a year

To bolster our forward pack it would be great to have Jai Arrow on board but this is pretty unrealistic considering his importance to the titans.

Christian Welch is obviously an option however is prone to knee injuries such as the ACL injury he recently suffered, despite this, I think he would be a handy edition

Campbell-Gillard would be nice however I reckon only get him if the panthers are willing to pay some of his contracts - we all know what he can do and I think BA will bring out the best in him

Patrick Mago is also off contract and was compared to Taumalolo previously, obviously, he is not Taumalolo but for a small salary I think he could be a valuable addition to our roster

Tristan Sailor is an absolute star in the making, he is also off-contract from the dragons at the end of the year and if we can somehow get him then that would be great - extremely unlikely though

The last one is Zane Tetevano, a real big man who could again add some more depth to our front row rotation, would be a great pickup and wouldn't be too expensive.

Thanks for reading and let me know any others that I didn't mention.

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  • Great blog Will. I would love for us to go after at least one rep quality forward. Even though we don't need semi I would love to have him still. Hopefully we can go after players not past their prime

  • Nicho Hines. If you dont know him you dont know footy.

    • To play where? If you don’t know you don’t know footy 

      • To play fullback fool

    • Where would we play him tho?

      • Fullback. He ll be better than Guth. Guth could play centre and be very good.

  • This reply was deleted.
    • James and proctor have been told to look else where apparently 

  • - welch — maybe not anymore sadly 

    - capewell — if we can’t get fifita

    - rcg — if we can’t get arrow

    - david fifita — this is what the “war chest” is for. go absolutely hard for him

    - arrow — our no. 1 target. will be really hard to get

    - ese ese — knights fans love him and don’t want him to go. will be hard to get and should only play off our bench. I think other teams can offer him something better

    - tetevano — piece of shit fuck him. not worth anything especially all things considered he’s a mid range player  

    - gavet — cheap and good enough to play off bench

    everything else like cheapies and up and comers don’t reallt concern me right now. as for semi honestly I don’t really care we need that money for forwards and back rowers. 

    • Gavet no. Tetevano good but not a starter and we ve got up and coming jrs. Ese ese is going to the dogs. Arrow is staying at the titans. Fafita absolutely yes. RCG yes. Capewell meh. Welch yes but in less.

  • Hearing RCG is all but sealed, as soon as panthers are knocked out this year will be announced. I read earlier that panthers are paying 25% of his contract. However I’m hearing that be for the first year, will be about 15% second year and we’d be paying the full lot the last two years.

This reply was deleted.

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