The new rule in NRL is kick do not punch

While I do not agree with the statement that Ricky Stuart has made I have some real issues with the consistency of the NRL. Salmon should have at least been sin binned and should be given 2 weeks for the offence. He kicked the player twice once where it hurts and again directly to the head of the player. These should be regarded as deliberate as you do not accidentally kick out. To just get a fine is a licence to kick instead of punch. Also how does Simms not get sent for his offence? I always hate it when these things occur because the next week there is always a ref over reaction and usually it is Parramatta that cops.

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  • It's was purely accidental and no way did Salmon intentionally kick the player. It was clear he was trying to get up. Also I think the Canberra player clearly over reacted 

    • Yes! That’s exactly how it was. Starling used his legs to jam Salmons  leg in there,  another player had him pinned down trying to prevent a quick play the ball ...can’t see what the huge fuss is about for an accident

  • Was his kicking accidental or on purpose! I don't think it matters and should be rubbed out of the game. It is purely showmanship trying to milk a penalty and does not aid in getting up at all, you cant get up while kicking out and the out come to someone in the way whether his own team mate or oppertition could be struck and hurt so the one doing it should be penalised so this showman ship trying to milk a penalty is erradicated out of the game. 

    • nice to hear some sense. Simple the kick was deliberate you do not kick accidently. It should be rubbed out like punching has been. He knew where where one leg was and kicked with the other. It was a dog act (not defending Ricky who went way over the top). He then lashed out a second time to the head of the player. Not on and should have copped 2 weeks.

      • What this does show Speech is that everyone sees things say "nice to see some sense" but others not so.

        What we don't know is what the two incumbents intentions were, unless you can read minds, we never will.

        • the key is do not kick out. If you do you are likely to cause injury. It is the refs job to penalise if the player is being held down. The person is usually trying to milk a penalty but the damage can be savage when studs are involved especially to areas of your body that are vulnarable. Did he mean to kick him yes did him mean to kick him in the nuts I hope not but likeley.

          • No, players are trained to scrap for every inch. Quick play the calls are the holy grail to success. He wasn't kicking out, he was attempting to get the tacklers off him. 

            • then change the training. He lashed out twice with his boot. Rub it out of the game. Scrap for how much you run in yardage not for how many kicks you can get in.

      • No, you're hearing someone who agrees with you, not the same thing. 

  • Simms was forceful contact to the head but no swinging arm sin bin and suspension is fair.

    The kicking out in ruck happens all the time and is a result of the slowing down at the ruck.

    That been said I wish they still threw punches 

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