The curious case of Ryan Matterson

Do we believe he did actually hurt his back in warm-up? In sheds he was moving around ok but was at the back a fair bit. One point he sat on the bench and fixed the tape around his boot and sat back up again as the squad was doing quick shoulder warm-up. Then in the huddle he just hovered around the back of the circle.

He could have hurt it and got worse sitting, but also he looked a little disinterested in the sheds. Or could also be he is shattered over the back. Overall i do not see him in the 17, something feels off to me. If it is not then great as it means Matterson can do his job for us and that is being the best forward on the bench.

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  • Today was Matto and Ofahengaue and Wiremu , where they all went?

    Ogden was solid as too Kelma

    Cartwright was having a 'serious party' tackles , off loads & kick chase

    Penisini had some good moments but overall it shows yet again we severely lack a turn of speed, only Brown/Moses got instant turbos

    • Greig was ruled out beforehand, Ofahengaue is in NZ for a funeral and Matto not sure.

      • I was at the game today sitting right next to where the players ran out & I saw Matto with no boots on hobbling back up the stairs before halftime. 

        • Ok fair enough, thanks for the info 777. Was he on the bench at the start? It may have gotten worse as the game went on

        • Simple truth with no conspiracy agenda, not sure if this site suites you LB.

          • I am happy to admit when wrong like i just did EP.

  • Imo matto will be at the bulldogs by season end

    • And where do you get this from? 

    • Only if we get something good in return......

  • I've had bad back spasms before and you can feel fine standing up or sitting down. But the minute you try to twist or bend over it feels like someone's stabbed you.

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