• You obviously support a team that did not make the finals and you have nothing better to do now. Get a job, get a hobby, get a girl friend, get out of your basement, get a life.

      • This coming from a juvenile, smutty little twat that calls himself 'vertical smile'!!

        Fair dinkum! You're the sort of 'limited' person who watches re-runs of John Hopoate sticking his finger up players' dates and doing 'that's gold'!

        • Drinking Bundy OG and watching Fatty on the Footy Show box set. 


      • Stop with the bold italics. Your not in the office.

  • Ummm it went to the bunker and the pass was all good. If they ruled on the pass they've cleared the inside play. What's the point anyway, made zero difference to the result. Must be a sad life trying to be so negative all time.

    • Actually they ruled on the knick on bunker never checked the try as they could only rule on the captain's challenge.

      The system is confusing and ridiculous 

    • It's actually easy to be negative when you support this club

    • Flicking through your posts one would be mistaken for concluding you are this site’s most negative person. So often your comments are laced with a putdown against the other person, who, in the main are simply putting forward their opinion. I have said it before ‘pot calling kettle black’.   Chill, smell the roses, find a hobby. 

      • Benny when have you ever offered a constructive argument or blog -  the answer is NEVER. I am happy to debate something with someone with even the most minimal amount of intellect and have been quite forthcoming if I'm proven wrong, you, however, never offer anything. You follow on the coat tails of the usual naysayers and brown nose to them and at the same time try and put down anyone else - but I'm negative?? Wow, Pot Kettle Black my arse. And I'm happy to admit I've thrown in plenty of putdowns lately - to the likes of that Verticalsmile dope and yourself - who offer this site nothing. Mate post a blog or a comment that shows me you've actually taken some time to work something out for yourself and we'll talk, until then, stop commenting on all my comments like you normally do having a go at me.

  • OK - so I am more than a little confoozed here.

    A tip on, that allegedly goes forward is now a Knock on?

    In the past tip ons, that travel forward have been called a forward pass.

    You will see one in the Cows (?) I think which is a forward pass.

    A knock-on is committed when, in an attempt to play at the ball, a player knocks the ball towards their opponents' dead ball line with their hands or arms and it touches either the ground, or an opposing player. However, the ball may be knocked back.

    At which point did the ball touch an opposing player or hit the ground?

    Another "Penalty" Peranara Pathetic Perfomance.

    The bottom line has become "If a player does not catch the ball 'cleanly' then it will be deemed a knock on regardless of the direction the ball may take after being touched" - That is now how 99.99% of these issues are adjudicated on field.

    THERE WAS NO KNOCK ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This reply was deleted.

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