Tepai Moeroa signs with the Melbourne Storm

For the remainder of 2021 season. It didn't work out in Rugby Union. 


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            • Might just be worth checking your facts too Shaneo. What year did each of those players start at the Storm vs the coach? What influence did he have in bringing them there?

              • Zero

            • Shane, first off your facts are wrong, so not sure why you've made that comment to me. Secondly, what exactly was wrong with what I've said? Scott is always shooting off and making himself look silly, been pointed by many better judges than me, many times. Are you trying to argue that the players I named and others haven't improved under BA? If so, you're plain wrong. Simple fact is BA has done a fantastic job improving players without the assistance of future immortals in the team like Bellamy has, so for Scott to have the cheap shot was stupid and ignorant.

              • I have not said BA hasn't done a great job, he's done a good job with what he came in to. But what you said about Bellamy having the best players there is wrong. Bellamy started coaching in 2003 and Smith was the first 1 of the top players to start and he starty2002 to 2003 season from the Brisbane comp, Bellamy was part of his development as with Cronk , Slater and Inglis.

                • That's all fine, Shane, but Scott's comment on BA is just an ignorant cheap shot. He's blatantly ignored exactly what you've pointed out, BA has done a good job (I'd say a great job actually), and effectively criticised BA and thrown Bellamy onto a pedestal. We all know Bellamy is good, but fact is he's had the luxury of 3 or 4 once in a generation players there - and yes, he helped develop them. But once those blokes were established it is easier than anything to turn average players into good players. BA has turned average players into good players with no superstars, don't you agree? That's all I was getting at, hence the shot at Scott for his ignorance.

                  • fair enough brissy and if I offended you for what I  said I apologise as I was just pointing out the facts concerning Bellamy

            • It's no secret your a massive storm fan.. Your on the wrong forum. 

            • No, the Melbourne Storm had a feeder club system with the Norths Devils from their founding, well before Craig Bellamy arrived on the scene. If anyone is responsible for those players being at the Storm it was Mark Murray, Bellamy's predecessor. 

              That being said, it was Bellamy's system that contributed to them becoming the players they ultimately became.

              It's the Melbourne system that is king in all of this, it supercedes Bellamy or any one person, although he is an enormous part of that system.

          • But he never bought a 'Superstar' he manufactures them.

            Name me one genuine Superstar that BA has manufactured?

      • George Jennings ring a bell.....

        Warm cheers,


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