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  • how

  • Login into to nrl supercoach and put this code into the invited to a league section
  • Ok I give up. This is very frustrating.

    I have registered on the Daily Telegraph's NRL Supercoach page.

    Can't find "invited to a league" or similar anywhere.

    Would appreicate some help.

    • If you can work that out give up, or go to your local friendly library, serious though how hard is it ?
    • I do it in the app go to the league section and there’s a little icon bottom right hand corner. Opposite corner to refresh symbol, once in there hit join a league and put the code number in. Hope that works
  • I joined. Those having trouble joining should prob not bother any more. SC is going to be way to hard for you and you will prob give up after a few weeks.

  • I'm in boys :) 

  • Thanks for the helpful reply Sporto84.

    To the other two replies, if you don't want to help don't reply. We support the same team - why the hostility?

    I have played before, and turns out there's a technical problem not letting me sign in properly that I've had to refer to the page's tech support.

  • I'm in

  • Done... in.

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