Hello all I know there is already a blogg about the bulldogs hooker reed But I have a question .


Should Reed stay or go in 2022 

Red light stays or green light he goes ala squid game. 

I be interested to see how many people here want him to stay or leave next year.

For me let him go we found a player like him before and we do it again. If he stays reserve grade all year along with papalli.

What are your thoughts?

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  • Good blog, taking into account he's coming off major surgery, id let him go.

    Whats the bet he's in and out like a tampon next year, he wont give his all, even though he will say he's going to put in 100%, that will be BS.

    We are fekked next year anyway before any of this happened, with BA at the helm we will be getting very similar results.

    Sadly we dont have the leadership to entice somebody like Brandon Smith, we couldnt get him to buy in like Goulds done with Reed.

    Mceldope should be on the phone to Brandons manager TONIGHT! we should have already be in contact about Brandon, the kids got the xfactor and on field presence we could really do with.

    He would be hugely marketable too, thats the type player we need, some xfactor on the park, BS is a match winner..

  • I'm hearing the offers were line ball dollar wise. If that's the case then he should go immediately. Go and train at Belmore oval and play in front of no one at ANZ. Either way just leave. If he wanted to stay he could have negotiated a suitable outcome. He wants to wear a Bulldogs jersey so just go and do it. I actually don't want him in an Eels jersey again. 
    This isn't the same as someone getting a massive overs offer too good to refuse like Marata. This is a guy who deliberately chose our arch rivals. Money had nothing to do with it. 
    So if the deal is signed then just leave Reed. You're a traitor to the jersey and the fans dont want you near the club anymore. Go and play at Belmore. We'll still flog you regardless. Your new club is garbage and always has been. 

    • If it really was line ball then I agree, he can get lost and we'll get the cap space back. I have no issues with Ice and Marata chasing the coin, desperate clubs paid overs for them and I wouldn't have wanted us to pay to keep them at that price.

      But if we were close to the Dogs offer and Reed still chose them, then he can pack his bags now and head to the kennel.

      Don't think any party comes out of this looking good.

      I still don't understand how the Dogs are splashing so much cash. It was only a year ago they were saying it would take years for them to fix contracts to get in a position to be competitive. And suddenly they are buying everyone.

    • Where did you hear thos Muttman??

      • I've heard this from a few different sources outside of the club. Super even said so in another blog. I can't vouch for it. 

    • Pretty harsh mutts........but......yeah.....I'm hearin' ya

  • He is coming back from a serious injury probably put him in reggies he won't give his all he is out  already the  Chinese with the dogs was a cheap shot should be all done behind closed doors


    • We absolutely should. This is not the same as Marata or Niukore. This was deliberate decision not based on dollars. He wants to be a Bulldog. We should let him be one immediately. He can move to Campsie or somewhere equally lovely. 

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