Sorry, this is a blog assuming we get Milford

Wasn't too sure about Milford but when I hear Parramatta has asked about his immediate availability, I am going a step further and make the assumption. 

If the assumption becomes an untruth so be it and move on. Contrary to some discussion Parra still has a spot in  it's top 30 and the cap issue is not an event.

If we are fair dinkum about our current side it should be accepted we are not a premiership winning side. That's not denigrating them, we just do not have the speed and power in the backline on balance.

Our forwards are good enough, if they can get a rest with some breaks from the backs.

My proposal is that Milford goes straight into 5/8. Much conjecture and argument has been written about Dylan being a half and I fundamentally accepted this, coming into this year and watching him  I believe he has played mainly as a 5/8 come centre.

I look at our forwards and see that someone like Milf would play much more directly behind our pack, he "sniffs" breaks and when they appear he takes advantage. I believe that Dyllan is stiil learning this and runs from the edge of a wide ruck, like a centre. Now some people are going to take umbrage to this but they should be reminded that Kenny and Ella both played this way switching around. At a lessor level so did Michael Buettner. The way Dyllan plays at the moment, most people would not notice the difference. 

No one questions Dyllans defence so this is an enhancement, you might find that Milf a notoriously rated poor defender would be effective closer to the ruck and we did in a short space of time turned MM into a very satisfactory defensive half, contrary to what many said, I noticed the difference about 6 weeks into him coming across from Wests.

So I believe this gives us a chance, will change the tactical way our opposition will judge us, we are at present as easily read as a Playboy in a locked dunny!

Now what I see doesn't sit in this scenario is that BA has the vision to interpret any of it. I do not believe Milf is a 14, we would be wasting him.

Just think of a side with Moses and Milf as halves, Dyllan and Niukure centres and Sivo on the left wing and any of Waqar, Ferguson and even Dunster could have a role because the wingers would actually get ball from the centres. That just doesn't happen with the encumbents.

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