Song For Sivo

Currently as travelling Gypsies of Vagabond, this mp3 file is a Fiona Cristian copyrighted demo soundtrack to a Love For Life song we are working on called "When Did The Fires Of Hell Start To Look Like Heaven".

We are not into making money from our original music/songs.

We are also going to use this soundtrack to put together another song about Sivo, our club and what it will take, attitude and all, to win this years Grand Final. 

If anyone has the skills to grab a clean audio file of the Parra fans calling out Sivo, Sivo, Sivo.......... v Manly last Saturday and send it to us via so we can incorporate the passion of our fans into this powerful song about the good heart (big picture) of Sivo.

Same with the Parra Parra chant, please send us a wave file or mp3 file. 

When Did The Fires Of Hell Start To Look Like Heaven_.mp3


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  •  OUTSTANDING Chocy! i love this stuff.

    You should contact Sivo's dad and get him to do some singing on it, he could chant the Sivo sivo, i reckon he'd love it.

    Then put it as the background music to his highlights and send it to the Sivo family and put it on youtube and BOOM, youve got a hit because if his dads on it the RL media will pick up on it.

    • Totally agree with these ideas Snake. Once we put together the melodic bones of this song, maybe someone inside the club can make all this happen for us ASAP.  Back to everyone shortly.  

  • I always love your music Choc, its actually quality production.

  • Mate I love your passion and creativity .This is what we want from our fans.Love it,

  • 3418782821?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Bloody fantastic great idea Chocholate Frog and equally great idea Snake

  • Nice one mate - I was up out of my office chair shuffling and cutting shapes like there was no tomorrow :)

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