• Brad Im confused with the floors bit?

    • C'mon mate, everyone has their floors, even you !

      • That's right. Whether we're on the ground floor or top four, we're all floored.


  • You know cunny funt ,our vulnerability on this present day .

  • Do you mean flaws instead of floors? Still doesn't really make sense as we are not top 4.  Maybe you could translate for us what you mean

  • They say mental illness is at epidemic levels , NSW health should be sent a copy of this blog .

    • As well as your details 

  • We on 3rd floor no need to look further 

  • The Tin Foil Hat brigade is strong on this site

  • You always gotta know where your floor's at. 

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I'm interested in your answers because I'm so undecided myself. I will say 1.Assuming we finish 4th, we will probably lose to Panthers, then only hopefully beat either Knights or Bunnies (neither will be easy,  but our defence might be good enough).…
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Michael Ericson replied to ParramattaLurker's discussion Round 20 Team List v Tigers
"Obviously Stuart has more faith in the eels than some of the so called eels fans on this site. He knows he ain't finishing 4th."
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Snake is officially part of Brett's concubine.
His next target is Chiefy as he had the squishiest lily-white arse this side of the great dividing range."
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