Sivo for JAC? are reporting that Storm are interested in Bulldogs swap of Remis Smith for JAC (Bulldogs also getting Flanno).

I know Sivo has been a PR cover-boy for the Eels and rightly so based on 2019 efforts. But he is still raw (NRL skills and experience) and more importantly if his 2020 effort levels continue we would be better with someone else. Still JAC may be a bit expensive for a winger and Guth a bit expensive for a centre.

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  • only if Addo Carr wants to play left wing 

  • Any swap deal with the Storm is fraught with danger. Bellemy is the best coach in the business with the best and most established system supported by Cam Smith & co. Shit players go there and win premierships or make rep teams. Good players leave there for more money and are no where near as good (apart from Inglis and Cronk) ever again.  

    If Sivo joined the Storm, he would soon become the best winger in the competition and make any swap deal look silly. 

    • I don't think so. Sivo has peaked in my opinion. JAC has a lot of skills and will do well outside Storm. He is not just speed. But I grew 1mil is too much of a gamble.

      • BA and O'neil will never pay a $million.

      • He only just started playing league. How on earth do you conclude he has peaked? JAC will be ok outside storm, but no where near as good. 

  • Dare say sivo played injured at the back end of the season. 

  • Semi didn’t have a great start to his NRL career. He had a horrible first season & his second wasn’t much better, his read in defence was poor & his hands let him down at times. But he improved, I think Sivo is worth taking a chance & see if he can go to another level. 

  • Sivo  lacks  explosive speed and footwork to get around defenders,he's a good finisher though.When finding a new centre partner for him it needs to be someone quick and hard to tackle ala jennings 2010.JAC is awesome no doubt but he doesn't want to play wing,wants 1mil and we already have the Dally M fullback of the year so for fucks sake move on people.I see Roosters will sign Young Suualasi or what ever his name is, now that is the sort of kid we need ,have we not bred one yet in the vast Parramatta nursery?When was the last time we developed an outside back who came in and killed it,probably Hayne  and Inu.Also I know Oniel seems to be doing a good job? Mostly resigning guys we already have,but this off season will tell us if he is really doing his job,we have money and spots to fill,many rumours and players on our wish list but so far we've signed 3 moneyballers?If he can't land us a couple of first graders in high demand then he can Fuck off back to woolies.

  • I was totally keen to get JAC to the club, but some of the stuff I saw at the end of the GF gave me some pause. What was with him doing those pistol motions with his hands after all the crap up at Taree earlier in the season? Was that a big FU to everyone? Without the control of the Storm system, I think he could quickly become a tosser back in Sydney. He made some references to Redfern too, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him at Souths next year, despite what Bennett says.

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