• Just one?

  • Probably Brown, Sivo, RCG, Mahoney, Matterson, and Cartwright. This will amend for the fiasco when Dylan Cubicle Brown wasn't sent off or binned. The referee for tomorrow hasn't been known to do the Eels any favours. Lets not forget that its not rigged according to some.

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      • You think so 'My Bob' not according to your comment on the Tedesco issue against the Cowboys. Might be crazier than you realise.

  • I don't know who it will be but I will say at least 3 Eels players will end up in the bin and 4 on report.

    The four on report will be ruled out for a minimum of 2 weeks meaning we will have 6 first grade players out against Manly. 

    This will be our punishment for the ref's missing the Brown incident and for Tedesco falling into the tackle.

    • Alexander was talking while they were looking at the Josh P send off incident. He was trying to convince everyone that the dogs player fell into it and probably wasn't anything Josh could do. Fine 750 dollaroos. Will it get worse if we beat the rabbits?

  • Brown is the most undisciplined player in our team in both illegalities and giving away set restarts so he will be one.

    Waqa Blake rushes at spaces in defence and sticks an arm out at ball carriers running past him so he will be 2.

    • The way I see it,with all these new rules,I reckon the refs will have a field day. Can you imagine this scenario? The slightest misdemeanor,from any player from either team,the ref sends them off to the bin. In the end,all players from both teams are in the bin,leaving just the two touchies and the ref,on the field. So,the two touchies and the ref decide to play football. The ref gets the ball and runs towards the tryline,hoping to score,under the posts. The touchies tackle him,he claims it was a head high tackle,the bunker backs him up and the two touchies are put on report and sent to the bin. Gets a bit crowded in there but not to worry,the ref gives himself a pat on the back and writes a match report for a daily newspaper the next day.


      • yes Little old lady becoming a referee these days  is a big effort to keep up with the new rules


        • Give the monkey a whistle as I am sure it would do a better job than the current crop of ref's we have to put up with.

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