Just want to get a general feel on opinion, should MA join the nrl side towards end of year in a 14 role (10-15 min) or should he stay in nsw cup and keep working on his craft. Plenty of good things in the 19s origin but also some issues with his game. Getting him into the nrl side could be good to see what that level is about so wouldn't mind him in the 14 for last couple of games. 

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  • The concern would be if anything happened to Hands early in a game and he was required to play many more minutes than the 10-15 suggested.

    • That's true but can be same with 4 forwards or Asi at 14. 

  • Season's over so might as well start try stuff for next year he looks ready can't get any worse so do.it off the bench for 20 each  game 

  • Yep straight into the side. Ive seen enough.

  • I am hoping the bye brings about some changes from the NSW cup.

    Doorey, Arthur, Guymer shoud feature without a doubt IMO. 

    By end of season I really hope 2 of them are starters in the 17 long term. Maybe even the likes of Tuivati accelerated. 

    • Hopefully Doorey is elevated next week into the 11 jumper. Carty on the other edge and keep lane in the middle off bench. 

    • Would like to see Twiddle get a chance at 6 in cup by the end of the year. Absolutely lethal in attack in flegg. All the points are coming of him. He reminds me of Tedesco so much. Will be hard to get a chance with Sanders, Lynn and Asi normally sharing the 6 and 7 role. 

      Alalamadine should get a chance in cup as well on the wing over the RM players.

      Knowing the club, I recon both will play flegg the full year.

      • Twidle has apparently been great, and IMO I see no reason why he can't be the cup 6 next year. Him at 6 and Lynn 7 should be our NSW cup pairing next year. 

        Maybe if somehow Talagi is gonna be fulltime in FG Twidle can go back to FB but no matter what Twidle, Tuivati, Pryke, Brazel and maybe Alemaddine have to be full time Cup members next year. 

        Please no more Kyle Cassel or Lorenzo Mulitalo. Nice guys for the odd game to round up numbers but we need to be serious about this. 

        • I haven't seen anything off Brazel to say he will be anytbing rn. I think we will cut him at the end of the year. Other better prospects to develop in cup than him. Twiddle was not that good at fb this year. The move to 5/8 is what made him find form 

          • Brazel seems to be in the Hollis model of looked like a man against boys in lower grades, then when the opposition got bigger and stronger with him he struggled. Injuries also did not help. But in the snippets i saw of him in NSW Cup i was not overly impressed. Guymer showed more with defence at least.

            I think there are plenty to look at; Brock Parker, Will Latu, Sam Tuivaiti, Ethyn Martin, Mohammed Alameddine.

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