• Yeh we got smashed by 50 last time I remember 

    • pay back time?

      If we lose I think we play Bunnies (or Newcastle)


    • It seems you only remember negatives did you know a battery has positive and negative. Seems you only operate on negative perhaps thats why your views and comments are a little distorted.

      • Just stating the obvious we can't beat storm simple as that , I've watched parra won 4 gf so another 30 plus years doesn't bother me 

    • You will be able to read it at playtime on Sunday morning BE.....Big little Eels will have go to bed before saturday nights game.

      When you are a big boy and turn 13 you might be able stay up a little off to bed and don't let the bed bugs bite!

      Don't you just love it when you get kids on here!

      • So U must be an old cnt then poppa

  • Borders are apparently open IF your an entertainer, celebrity, sports team where money is the bonus but not if you have to attend a funeral, visit a sick family member or have serious medical issues. However, dont quote me on that as it changes frequently.

  • Wile noticed ticketing info is up now, for all the qlders- get your flags and pom-poms out -loud and proud are us!

    Important Finals Series Ticketing Information
    2020 has been a year unlike any other, both on and off the field. We’ve faced challenges every ste
    • Thanks. Would be great to win and get the week off - especially important this year and especially for us as we are one of the few finals teams that did not rest players

      • Or get them for free or three jet skis.

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