Round 8 Team List v Cowboys

1. Gutherson

2. Sivo

3. M Jennings

4. Blake

5. Ferguson

6. D Brown

7. Field

8. Campbell-Gillard

9. Mahoney

10. Paulo

11. Lane

12. Matterson

13. Niukore




14. Stone

15. Gower

16. Kaufusi 

17. Takairangi




18. Utoikamanu 

19. Alvaro

20. G Jennings

21. Smith


IN: Field

OUT: Moses


Referee: Ben Cummins

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        • Mack the sites foremost expert on wearing soiled underwear  Prof Daz is a huge Doors fan.


          Daz can be seen every Saturday night at Footscray RSL on the  dance floor wearing his Sunday best of kahki polyester pants, olive green Button shirt and black vinyl shoes dancing by himself to the Doors " Baby light my fire"  the highlight of the night is when they shine a spotlight on Daz's pants and the urine stains are their for all to see which  is why all the oldies gave him the name drops of urine.


  • Maybe Field will start game to tap into our fast starts and second phase opportunities.  Then possibly slotting into dummy half at say 30 minutes to give Reedy a spell and allow taka to throw another skilful big body at the line. Certainly will be dangerous just with the increased pace around the middle. 

  • If Alvaro is not injured, he must have pissed BA off massively with his first effort in the top grade this season!

  • Gowie the reliable in.

    Field I have no idea what he's about but judging from the responses here, who am I to judge.

    Should be interesting.

  • I'm not sure Field will start. He'll be most effective at the backend of both halves .I reckon BA will start Taka and depending how the possession in the first half pans out Field would enter the fray on the back of momentum in our favour and not before.

    Although I'm interested to see how he goes and hope he sees a lot of game time. It's surprising the Dragons didn't bring him through better then they did , he's deadset got spiders on him.

    He could prove to be the X factor we're in need of off the bench especially come semi finals. Speed you can't coach and I love when we've got blistering speed in the squad it opens up so many more avenues of attack especially in the middle third . When you've got forwards tired defending six again sets they won't handle this kid fresh through the middle.

    Im interested in the plan of how we utilise him. He's not a game manager so Brown will have to do that . Communication will be interesting this week . In what situation does Field out call the ball off Brown ? Is he playing what he sees ,adlib or is he only allowed the ball if Brown sees nothing on his side. 
    The Mahoney , Brown and Field combination is going to take most of my attention Friday night . Guthos got to fit into the mix somewhere as well . Can't wait to find out how it all gels.

  •  I went down to saleyards to watch them train 

     No one there except for some dude doing yoga!

    i like the inclusion of Jai Feild 

     He is quick and has an awesome step,  unsure about his kicking game though 

    • They train at Kellyville now Mudskip. They have done so all year. That's the new centre of excellence.

      •  I did think that was the case ,  I was just in the area and was hoping they were there 😆


  • Good team, I'm glad Jai field is wearing the #7

    this guy is super quick, he needs to take the line on.

    I would also bring S Utoikimanu in for a run as well I would replace him for R Stone for this game. Only cause cowboys are a big team. I like D Gower in the side he's another ball playing forward.


    my tip Eels by 6pts

    MOM R Matterson 

  • Not sold on Gower in the 17. Yes he is a good ball player, but we already have a skilled attacking forward pack.

    With JF in the 7 we needed another strong defender.

This reply was deleted.

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