Round 25 Team List v Panthers

1. Hayze Perham

2. Haze Dunster

3. Tom Opacic

4. Michael Oldfield 

5. Blake Ferguson

6. Will Smith

7. Jakob Arthur 

8. Oregon Kaufusi 

9. Joey Lussick

10. Makahesi Makatoa

11. Bryce Cartwright 

12. Keegan Hipgrave

13. Ray Stone




14. Samuel Loziou

15. Ky Rodwell

16. Shaun Lane

17. Sean Russell




18. Will Penisini 

19. Isaiah Papali'i 

20. Nathan Brown

21. Dylan Brown




INs: Perham, Opacic, Oldfield, Arthur, Kaufusi, Loziou, Rodwell, Russell

OUTs: Gutherson, Penisini, Blake, D Brown, Moses, Paulo, Papail'i, Niukore, N Brown 


Referee: Adam Gee

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      • I am one of his greatest critics (thats BA and Jake) but not for one minute do I believe it has anything to do with money.

        Sorry Bert, but we can do better.

        • Misread me Pops.

          i didn't mean to imply, if that's how you read it- that his selection in this particular game was money based. BA, IMO strategically left Jordan Rankin in Sydney... so with a limited squad he obviously gets game time when your halves are rested and there is no one else to choose.

          Was just saying- lucky kid. Has been a big financial year (and better next) for a player of his ability.

          I think in this game he has the chance to show what he has because he will not be afforded the luxury of being a passanger, however in saying that he did play back seat to Rankin in reggies.

          • Rankin declined to go to Queensland. It was not BAs decision.

  • Think we will see most of this team next season 

  • OK, so we are resting players, that is very clear.  Hoping that does wonders for us in the finals.  Also hoping the spanking we may cop with this squad does no damage.

  • I'm not sure about this at all. If we beat the Panthers it puts pressure on Manly to beat the Cowboys to keep us out of the 4. Stranger things have hapened. This is more or less throwing up the white flag. 

    we come 4th we get a free shot at the Storm to go into a preliminary final! And we've shown they are a side we match up well against. 

  • should be fun 


  • I love it, keep them fresh for the finals, may as well yry it the other way didn't  work, stuff finishing 4th do or die and we've all seen how good we can play

  • Would it not had been a good idea for a full strength eels team to have played the Panthers to build on last week ? 

    • I agree. I don't like this idea. I think momentum is more important than trying to avoid injuries and/or resting players.

This reply was deleted.

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