Round 25 Team List v Panthers

1. Hayze Perham

2. Haze Dunster

3. Tom Opacic

4. Michael Oldfield 

5. Blake Ferguson

6. Will Smith

7. Jakob Arthur 

8. Oregon Kaufusi 

9. Joey Lussick

10. Makahesi Makatoa

11. Bryce Cartwright 

12. Keegan Hipgrave

13. Ray Stone




14. Samuel Loziou

15. Ky Rodwell

16. Shaun Lane

17. Sean Russell




18. Will Penisini 

19. Isaiah Papali'i 

20. Nathan Brown

21. Dylan Brown




INs: Perham, Opacic, Oldfield, Arthur, Kaufusi, Loziou, Rodwell, Russell

OUTs: Gutherson, Penisini, Blake, D Brown, Moses, Paulo, Papail'i, Niukore, N Brown 


Referee: Adam Gee

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  • be interesting how they go no real big bodies

  • Loizou is an interesting choice, a tweener as in not sure what his best position is. Can play fullback wing centre and five-eighth so will be interesting to see where he fits in.

    Good on Ky Rodwell, was an up and comer just had injuries hamper his development.

  • Surprised Penisini is not in the team. Does that mean he's being saved for the finals????

    • 🤞🏽

    • Surely. SURELY. He's been brilliant. Imagine squaring up vs Justin Olam in your third or so game of first grade, and not letting them score a try on that side. What a delectable penis. 

  • Where's Penisini he better be back for finals

  • Is this a joke? Why is opacic back in over penisini?

    • He's on the reserves bench.  This game is going to be a big one considering the amount of young players chosen for the eels there's 3 newbies in the side, & I noticed that the Riff has chosen a full team and not resting any, unless big changes before the game.

      Very much looking forward to it.

  • I'd prefer Lussick didn't play. We lose him and we have no other realistic options at 9. 

    • 💯

      Who goes in there now though? Smith and Carty to 5/8?

This reply was deleted.

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