Round 22 Team List v Titans

1. Gutherson 

2. Sivo

3. M Jennings

4. Blake

5. Takairangi

6. D Brown

7. Moses

8. Evans

9. Mahoney

10. Paulo

11. Lane

12. Ma’u

13. N Brown



14. Terepo

15. Gower

16. Alvaro

17. Niukore



18. Moeroa

19. G Jennings

20. Utoikamanu

21. Smith


INs: Terepo

OUTs: Moeroa 

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    • You are right, it was one play (and the only play) where Waqa went over to the other side to link up with Jennings and Sivo and he didn't pass on the 5th, just took the tackle around 6-7m out from the try line.

      Though I'm not sure if Sivo would've crossed anyways as it was pretty crowded. Whatever play BA devised, obviously didn't know hahaha


    • Blake is not passing he has had many chances to pass to the winger and the only time he has when he has been under pressure.

      He needs to be better with the offload. I dont know if this is a coaching thing or not but get the fucking ball 2 your winger when you get the chance. Fergo will lose his shit if he aint getting ball. Lucky for us its Taka the useless kent. how many lives has Taka got. He is a passenger in defence and 1 good play for a try the entire game. I am hoping for a last min change and Fergo is back. Titans game can be dangerous if we are not switched on. We need the win to put massive pressure on Manly and Souths and Raiders. The next 4 weeks we can make the top 3 if we win all the games and other results work in our favour.

  • Eggman is right Blake was on that side in that movement and that so exactly my thought as well ,Sivo doesn’t se the ball unless he goes looking for it ,Brad Arthur’s coaching 

    • Definitely put my money on Sivo from 5 or 6 out to barge over would have been worth a shot rather than just pretty much surrendering in the tackle as he did.I like Blake but with wingers like Sivo and Fergo we don't need Centres who are ball hogs.

  • Kaufusi is on the bench for wenty lol

    i dare say he won’t see first grade again this year

    hope he’s here next year, still has a lot of potential 

  • Moeroa should not be anywhere near the team. Ball handling is catastrophic. Union will suit him. 

This reply was deleted.

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