Round 15 Team List v Bulldogs

1. Clint Gutherson

2. Sean Russell

3. Tom Opacic

4. Waqa Blake 

5. Haze Dunster 

6. Dylan Brown

7. Mitchell Moses

8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard

9. Joey Lussick

10. Junior Paulo

11. Isaiah Papali'i

12. Ryan Matterson

13. Nathan Brown




14. Marata Niukore

15. Shaun Lane

16. Keegan Hipgrave

17. Nathaniel Roache 




18. Oregon Kaufusi

19. Blake Ferguson

20. Bryce Cartwright

21. Jakob Arthur



IN: Sean Russell, Keegan Hipgrave, Nathaniel Roache

OUT: Maika Sivo, Oregon Kaufusi, Bryce Cartwright


Referee: Matt Cecchin

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              • Sorry grunta I left this off 🤣🤣🤣


              • same idiots were calling me the same names when i criticised Jakob's selection.. then we went on to concede almost half our seasons points in the 3 games he played.

                I have nothing against Sean . He may develop throughout the next years and be in line to become a first grader. He is not there now and we bought Oldfield and have Ferguson there who although well past it , has out performed Russell the last 2 weeks .

                Its a weird selection , and I have doubts he'd be getting a run this early if he wasn't a Rouse Hill Rhino with a certain other Rouse Hill Rhino . 

                How many of you who watched Jakob Arthur thought he was anywhere near NRL level , esp defensively ?

                • Rouse Hill Rhinos "Boys club"




                  Just waiting for MA to get contracted.


                • He was definitely close to NRL level. His tackle effectiveness certainly was. Don't forget that wasn't the first time our right edge had been carved up when we didn't work hard enough in the middle.

                  And in attack he scored a couple and set a couple up with kicks. I was surprised he got picked in the first place but he did well for a backup.

                  • Ive read your analysis before and usually don't mind it but i cant agree with that.

                    1 on 1 he was always going to struggle especially getting isolated against bigger players and that was to be expected. Fergo was also making the wrong decision on that edge time after time. 

                    My problem with Jakob was his abiity to read shape. His timing on the slide was off.. he often held way too long and ended up 2 on 1 on the inside backrowers man. This was forcing the centre in (both Waqa and Opacic) and they were leaving the sweep man. Aside from that neither centre that played with him had any confidence in him making 1 on 1 tackles. Maybe these are all things that can be developed. But i'd argue that after only playihng school boy footy all of last year , and a handful of Cup games this year... he wasn't our best option. No, he wasnt the sole problem on the edge (the other is well out of favour) but he wasn't ready to play NRL and our F/A copped a pasting the weeks he was in the team. He does have good vision on his short kicking game though.

                    • Yeah he definitely needs to make some adjustments (he defended too close to Matterson) and his outside defenders were preoccupied with protecting him (a trust issue) but his individual defence was actually pretty good. He wasn't overpowered any more than any other halfback. He defended better than Sam Walker.

                    • The Roosters changed the spacing in their entire defensive structure to accomodate Walker. I'd need to see stats proving it but he makes most of his tackles a lot wider than what Keary did which makes him hard to get at 1 on 1.

                      BA just plugged his son straight into the DB role and he was way off being ready for it. Besides that Sam Walker offers signifcantly more in attack and with their injuries is being given first grade development a year early with an eye to the future.

                      All being equal Jakob's future here isn't in the 6 or 7. I think his best path to first grade would be filling out whilst devleoping his skills playing halves in the lower grades.. and trying to make it as a backrower.  As Joey has said, and as is evident watching him... he doesnt have natural half skills. An example is his kicking.. it doesnt look natural and takes the split second longer than whats needed. He hasa frame to grow into, a ballplaying 13 as the game changes might be his go.

                      Either way, playing him as a 6 in first grade at this stage of the year hurt our side for the 3 weeks he was there. 

          • It doesn't matter where they're running . It's about your own teams performance in games like this . Making sure they're switched on and treat the opposition with respect . 

        • What makes you think he is not fast. My information is that he is one of the fastest in the club.

           The other thing to remember about these kids coming through is that they did not play last season due to Covid.

          Players like Russell and Penisini are beginning to catch up on there lost development time and beginning to shine 

          Penisini has carried the ball an average of 200 metres a game over his last three games. He is also scoring tries and making plenty of tackles for few misses. He will likely be the next to make his debut. 

          Is he best mates with JA?

          • Russell is quick, there's no question of that.

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