1. Blaize Talagi

2. Maika Sivo

3. Will Penisini

4. Sean Russell

5. Bailey Simmonson

6. Daejarn Asi

7. Dylan Brown (c)

8. Reagan Campbell-Gillard

9. Joey Lussick

10. Junior Paulo (c)

11. Shaun Lane

12. Ryan Matterson

13. J'maine Hopgood



14. Bryce Cartwright

15. Makahesi Makatoa

16. Joe Ofahengaue

17. Kelma Tuilagi



18. Brendan Hands

19. Morgan Harper

20. Ethan Sanders

21. Wiremu Grieg

22. Luca Moretti


INs: None

OUTs: None


Referee: Chris Butler

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  • What.  I know ba lives 5 minutes from training,  but did Barrett consult with him ?????.

    Maybe barrett was directed not to ruffle any feathers and see if the team actually wanted a change in coach. The evidence could be on the paddock against South's 

    I think you'll see the best showing from this team in two seasons. 

    They are no longer a "part time" team

    • In all likelihood they had picked the team yesterday once they had returned from Brisbane and gone through recovery.

    • Not only are they are part time team but they got a part time coach.

  • So no Moses for origin.  That's good for us at least 

  • I think their will be one huge change before game day... SANDERS in for ASI

    With Sanders playing halfback and DYLAN back to his best and only role as a number 6.

    Barret will see the glaring issue in the eels that we have had no halfback all year and he will correct this mark my words and he will put sanders and dylan in their CORRECT ROLES!!!

    • The only problem with that is if Sanders is the typical halfback role (on the right) that's where Rabbits get most of their points.


  • same shit different toilet

  • All you guys going off about the team list are off the mark. Picking the strongest 17 available (on paper) is the way to start.  You give everyone a clean slate and tell them from this game on form and form alone will determine the team selections going forward. 

    This is pretty much the team I would have selected bar a couple of changes,  Cartwright to start over matterson and probably hands on the bench over makatoa. 

    A lot of these guys weren't performing for BA, give them the opportunity to redeem themselves this week,  start the demotions next week if players don't take the opportunity. 

    • Disagree. The performances thus far is all you needed to see. They don't need yet more chances. Barrett could have stamped his authority from the get go. 
      Sanders to 7 and Brown back to 6 was an obvious one. Admitting Lussick can't play 80 minutes and either starting Hands or having him on the bench was another. Doorey, Grieg going well in Cup whereas Makatoa was appalling in FG. 
      It's been a shit time to be an Eels fan and this lack of action once again just pisses me off 

      • Don't stress muttman,  The Eels are specials trust me.  The second half performances in many games this year showed that the team was Jack of BA.  I'm backing Barrett here. 

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