Rorting Roosters Refs Win!

What a great game except for the REFS who basically handed the Rorting Roosters the game with a Tedesco try with only 8 minutes to go! The Raiders were given 6 more tackles clearly by the refs only to have the refs change their mind which led to the Tedesco try! As far as I'm concerned the Rorting Roosters are not back to back premiers!

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    • I reckon Ricky will be spitting chips at the refs in his post conference! The refereeing has been disgraceful all year but tonight was icing on the cake. The Raiders were the better side and they were dealt the raw end of the calls tonight! The 10 in the bin to Cronk should have been a penalty try! There was no way Papali would have been stopped.

      • You can’t award a penalty try unless you’re certain he’d score . A millisecond later and Cronks tackle is perfectly legal and he may still have brought Papali down .  No way a penalty try , I’ve seen a million just like it go as play on . 

        • If Papali had gotten that which he would have if Cronk didn't tackle him without the ball. Papali would have easily have scored from that distance out and it should have been a penalty try.

          • The no penalty try was the right call for me, watching it played in slow motion sure Cronk got to Papali early tackling without the ball, thing to me was on 9 there were several replays of the tackle, at both slow and normal speed, at normal speed there was 1-2 seconds in it, in fact it was close enough that had all the commentators even Gould condeming the call as a taking a player out without the ball.,

            These sort of issues crop up all the time, and there was a lot more let go by the refs than were pulled up, that under normal season would have been penalties.  Whe Morris took a high kick and landed with the ball and his arm in the playing field and pushed back into the in goal, Cummins ruled a goal line kick out, Wrong call.  Another couple of misses was when the ball was kicked with raiders players knocking it forward and they get to play the ball.

            Both teams played tough football, and neither really deserved to lose,  Chooks played the major part of the game down to 16 players after Aubison went off with leg injury, as against Raiders who played with their full compliment.  Papali was inspirational and played big minutes for a player his size.

            • The Morris restart was the correct call Colin. There was still momentum in the tackle.

          • You're assuming Papalii catched the ball under pressure. No way could that be given a penalty try. It shouldn't even have been a penalty. It was a risky pass at best.

            • Brett, I don't disagree and that's what I indicated in my post.  The aspect of it was that Cronk could see that Papali was the one to get the ball, and his timing was a second or two out,  Cummins decision to go to the bunker was probably correct and did he get a call from the pocket or linesman as per the latter 6 tackle aspect.  Penalty? I don't believe so.

              I stand by the Morris decision as the rules still state regarding where the ball is placed the tackle is completed, in this case Morris had the ball grounded in the field of play, and then dragged back.

              • They will always give the chasers one opportunity to push a player on the ground, no one in commentary complained about that one. I thought it was fair.

            • I just thought I'd Papali had caught that ball (which is strong possibility) taking away the Cronk hit. There was a very likely chance Papali would have scored from that range given his aggression and ability to break tackles. I'd say 95% certainty! Thats just my opinion.

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