NRL rocked by death of former NSW and Kangaroos centre Terry Hill at 52

The rugby league community is in mourning following the death of former NSW and Kangaroos star Terry Hill at the age of 52.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting the former NRL centre died due to a heart attack while in the Philippines.

Hill had reportedly been spending more time in the Philippines in recent years where had been working with a charity.

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  • One of the funniest segments on the footy show ever

    • Loved watching terry on the footy show 

      and I agree he was a manly player you just couldn't hate as he was such a hoot 

      how depressing ....

    • Those were the days when the footy show was top viewing !!!

      loved it , even went to the 2001 grand final show !!!!!

      • RIP Terry, a greyhound lover and a good sport.

      • Yup, until stupid Erin Molan and that fuckwit cricketer came along and made the show all about them. She didn't know the difference between rugby league and a knitting competition and was elevated to the shows host.  She must be able to suck start a Kenworth that women. 

        • Yep survived nearly 20 years before Molan killed that show........they went woke and look what happened.

          • Yup, woke = broke.   Once upon a time Thursday night meant nothing but Footy show night in most households I knew. As soon as she turned up even as a " reporter " it was doomed. It lost all credibility and you couod just tell that the show that was popular for pushing the boundaries was on its way down.  Her and that Beau Ryan dipshit we just try hards. But at least Beau knows football. 

            She was obviously standing on the shoulders of others with the help on 9 execs . 

            • I remember Sterlo introduced her one time as Erin Moron.

This reply was deleted.

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