Ricky Stuart

I know this is ancient History .......but the nerve of this dilusional guy.    He is whinging about John Bateman and him jumping ship and he did the same to us in 2014.  Left us in an absolute mess and ran off to the Raiders...


What an absolute Goose.

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  • He has no cause to complain as why oh why would do a contract with him that he could re- negotiate at end of each year . That is a claytons contract and was always going to leave if could get more later 

  • I'm not a Ricky Stuart as coach fan. I've listened to the interview in question and I think it's about time that someone with a significant profile has raised the player manager debate. 
    Now is as good a time as any to investigate the role player managers play in the game moving forward. 

  • He "cleaned up our cap" with a projector and ran away when the going got tough and used his disabled daughter as an excuse.....and lied about it.

  • He did us a favour IMO.

    1st He left....  we should be thanking him.

    2nd He got rid of a lot of the dead wood!

    3rd His heart wasn't in it at Parra and he would've made the situation worse and for longer.

    • x 100 Frank; spot on. RS was not good for us and he was not Parramatta at all. The best thing was he started to move some players on......


    • Your 3rd point is the key point Frank, you never felt like he wanted to be at Parramatta

  • Ricky leaving for the Faiders was the best thing to happen to us. I can't stand the way he coaches and blames the refs when he loses. He was never going to take Parra anywhere significant.

    I tend to agree with him on the Player Manager debate though. Moses and anything connected to him needs to be detached with a scalpel.

  • Ricky can suck a fart. "Are you in?" was the slogan and then pissed off.

    He had Papalii coming and then he backflipped. Ricky followed him.

    I don't think he ever bought in rebuilding Parra. He he pointed out some park footy players and that was it. He didn't shift anyone. BA took on the hard task. Rocks in the begining but now come the diamonds. This squad is good enough to make the finals every year in the next 5 years. Will we win one? I beleive we will.

    Parra through thick and thin.

    • Ok there’s a definite consensus here 

      we all hate Ricky , we are glad he is gone 

      he is a sook and a fraud 

      now let’s move on otherwise he is wasting everyone’s time AGAIN !!!!

      • And can I just highlight something MORE concerning . My son follows dylbags on insta and his rap singing gave me a definite “ Corey Norman “ moment and I’m not happy about it .!!!!!arrghhh at least it means I won’t like him and that keeps him safe ...

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