Redcliffe dolphins

What a great day, with the announcement of the mighty dolphins being named as the league's 17th team. I've been a eels supporter since a young fella but have been living in the Morton bay region since 2010. They have been my Q cup team since moving up here. It will be weird having a split alliance come 2023.

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  • I lived on the Redcliffe peninsula for 10 years and actually met my wife at Woody Point. Has a special place in our hearts. Unfortunately it changed heaps after the mass influx of southerners moving in there. Didn't seem the same. 

    • So no doubt you had a woody point when meeting your wife at Woody Point...

      • From wood to solid steel that only kryptonite could destroy.

      • Meelk, dont ask too many questions 

    • Appeel, whats alarming is that you loiter around places called Woody point, but whats even more alarming is you met your current wife at Woody point, lol.

      I hate to ask what she was doing at woody point before you met her lol

      • Waiting for my woody point.

  • Flipper killed himself by suffocating in front of his trainer Ric O'Barry. 🙏🏼 He went on to be activist against keeping and training marine animals. 

    • Flipper committed  suicide?! Thanks for the uplifting report Penrith Parrakeet . Don't  fall off your perch again.

      • Flipper died in front of a room full of disabled and vulnerable children who had all listed dolphins as their favoutite creatures, many of them suffered greatly in the years to come from seeing flipper suffocate.


    • Parakeet, thanks for ruining my childhood *smile*

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