I cannot believe some of the Eels recruitment purchase. Hodgson is over the hill and is obviously causing lack of harmony by his style. Doorey has previous injuries that were bound to happen as is Hodgson. Murchie is average, Makaslower is average, Blake is below average, Simonsen is below average, Skidrow (Sivo) is average, Matto loves his money and the only decent purchase has been Hopgood. To much reliance on RCG and Paulo combined with extremely poor recruitment. They have to stop watching 'Moneyball' and purchase some decent players or the Eels will be waiting another 36 years for a premiership. 

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  • wow - so we make these observations after 3 rounds, with our strike edge backrower (Lane) injured, our 60 min bench middle (Matto) suspended and combinations needing time to settle in. Hopgood has been excellent so far, like most young players, he has a couple of errors in his game, but the good far outweighs the bad thus far.

    its not an ideal situation with the results, but surely murchie and doorey have done enough so far to suggest that they will be decent options moving forward.

    momoisea hasn't lived up to expectations yet, but may come good in time.

    there are still 3 spots on the roster to fill and cash in the cap to spend on the right player.....


    • Agree after 3 rounds these observations should have been made after round 2

  • where is dunster. still injured?

  • Yeh ? You forgot to mention nepotism- BA & his son JA as well - or is that recording broken ?    I hope so . Listen to yourself . 

    • Don't have to mention it as you just did. Thanks

  • Hmmm another negative blog about our team. You never see those especially after a loss. 
    I started typing a reply but about halfway through I just thought, what's the point? 
    Every player in a Parra jersey or in the Coaches box is rubbish and should be sacked. There you go!

    • That's it, let's wind up the club and be done with it all 

      • Or fix the problems. Eels need to sort out there defence structures and line speed.

    • Sack everybody. 

      • Better still, let's get the 1EE lynch mob to face the players and coaching staff. 

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