I cannot believe some of the Eels recruitment purchase. Hodgson is over the hill and is obviously causing lack of harmony by his style. Doorey has previous injuries that were bound to happen as is Hodgson. Murchie is average, Makaslower is average, Blake is below average, Simonsen is below average, Skidrow (Sivo) is average, Matto loves his money and the only decent purchase has been Hopgood. To much reliance on RCG and Paulo combined with extremely poor recruitment. They have to stop watching 'Moneyball' and purchase some decent players or the Eels will be waiting another 36 years for a premiership. 

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  • The way Hodgson  is currently being played is not sustainable. He gets too tired and lazy in defence when so.

    Think Brandon Smith - The cheese is a very good player but cannot do it for 80minutes and is rotated. He is very effective being used in this manner. Same too would Hodgson I'd suggest. Who do we rotate him with ?

    I noticed that  Hopgood was used differently this week then the first two weeks. First two weeks 80minute performances. This week he was rotated out at the 27minute mark and didnt return for his second stint untill the 54th minute mark totaling  55minutes game time. Wonder Why. 

    • Why?🤣 Because the Eels have a dumb coach

      • Drooper, you are lacking in any sort of intelligence.

        You find yourself on here repeating yourself and actually contradicting your own arguments. You can't keep up with much of the dialogue and repeatedly ask questions about things that were news a week ago.

        You have no credibility with regard to background or experience and yet you continue to write shit and commentate, personally I have repeatedly trolled you because we just don't need more idiots on here,  You are maybe marginally ahead of coach nepotism and McLovin but that is nothing to be proud of.

        My guess when you went to school you were always one of the dunces, did you accept that and kept budding in or did you shut your mouth in the knowledge you would be one day receiving social security and it really didn't matter..

        Can you as a result of your stupidity say cut your commentary by say 90% and just keep your inane views and questions down to some sort of normality.


        • I just love your comments Poppa they turn me on. I love your super intellect. It's just truly overwhelmingly amazing 😍

          • 10999724681?profile=RESIZE_584x

            • Love your comments and posts Poppa. They turn me on big time. Is that a photo of you when you were younger? How come your just so intelligent and intellectual 

          • Hey PT47, love ya work! Don't worry about old flea man floppy; he's been sniffing way too much dencorub in his room at the nursing home! 

            Remember, this is the same twat that was having orgasms,or at least trying to, when the board appointed O'Neil!!

            • 🤣😂Old Poppa isn't a concern or worry. His comments make me laugh 🤣😂. He's just so intelligent 😉😉

  • We are 1 season ending injury away from a guaranteed spoon.

    If we lose JNR or RCG I'd say you can hand it to us by round 10.

    If we lose Moses or Gutho, hand it over now.

    • Lotta ifs Frank what IF non of that happens and we turn the corner will all this noise around the negative disappear.You think there will be as much noise around the positive side of it.

      I very much doubt it.


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