• Agreed.

      • Addin Fonua-Blake is also available come 2023 how would that be as an RCG replacement.

        • He is good yes. I would take him.

          • I would like to see Rodwell Kaufusi Grieg Hollis and co developed before splashing on Fonua-Blake.

            I mean look at South's they made the GF with George Burgess Nicholls Knight Mago and Tatola as there front rowers so you don't really need the name players and the contracts to fit.

            What you do need a certain types that do a job and I think this is what BA excels at he finds a type of foward and extracts max value out of them.As we have seen with the Ma'u RCG NUIKORES of the world.

            • You need a mix of established stars and promising juniors.

              AFB is an established dominant forward.

              Hollis/Rodwell/Greig/Kaufusi can still be bench forwards doing their apprenticeship even if we buy AFB.

              • This is the problem you can't have it every where you have to make a decision where you spend big.The only reason we can afford both RCG and Paulo is that Penrith is kicking in a fair portion of RCGs salary

            • So how many more years are you prepared to wait for that to be a possability based on an if?  RCG is proven, these others are not.

              • RCG is in the back 9 of his career what if his form falls off the cliff and we are stuck with the big cap hits.Potentially losing RCG is just a unlucky occurrence of which we gave to position ourselves with young undeveloped talent.

                Hiw long am I prepared to wait.Well like Brett Allen says it's an opportunity for someone else to step up.Instead of going nuclear this like a lot of other things around this team is a wait and see.

                 I mean we lost Semi Radradra once and came out thee other side.

                We lost a Manu Ma'u same same Jarryd Hayne the team kept rolling.

                Id suggest to you the team is bigger than one man.

                • Remember the season after we lost Semi? We came dead bloody last. If BA falls out of the top 8 he is toast.

                  The answer to not having those big cap hits long term is short contracts. 

                  • We didn't finish last because we lost Semi. 2018 was a confluence of a number of different forces. 

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