• Massive news, he was one of our best. Good on him though and it will allow us to keep Nuikore

    • RCG is more crucial than Niukore. RCG provided so much when returning from injury. He led the defensive line and provided great carries. When RCG was injured we struggled to replace him. Whereas we have abundant of backrowers in Carty, Papa, Matto, etc

      • He'll be 30 at the end of 2022, Niukore will be 25. We can expect continued improvement from Kaufusi & Stone next year and blooding of Hollis & Rodwell, plus a full season from Makhatoa & Gregg.

        My first reaction was, "oh hell no", but this might actually work well for us. 

        Letting him walk is exactly what the Storm would do. 

        • That makes a lot of sense Brett. No matter how good you are, age catches up with everyone and there's always younger better long term options coming through.

          • Especially middle forwards

        •  💯 on this RCG has a lot of mileage on those tyres.I'd continue to load up on young front rowers and let em develop and fight it out for that spot.

          Let RCG go get his last payday.

  • I wonder what sort of money his contract in 2023 was going to be? I wonder if he is chasing more money and hoping the eels will pay more 

    • He'll be chasing one more long term deal. 

  • Source ?

    • Daily Telegraph has the article 

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