Quality of refereeing

This is not so much the actual incident of Latrell Mitchell but an official of easts, yes their rugby league manager. I didn't take any notice at first but the old saying of "karma" comes home applies to this bloke because when it comes to being the worst referee ever Henry gives it an almighty shake.......BUT let me tell you, this bloke is right up there with him......he was a disgrace!!! He hated Parra with a "passion".

"Football manager Chris James is among the officials under scrutiny for their behaviour on the sideline, and followed up with a text message to his former colleague Maxwell after the game, denigrating the performance of the match officials.

James officiated in 228 NRL games as a referee himself. He settled an unfair dismissal case in 2018 with the NRL after an abrupt exit from the elite referees squad, and was praised at the time by the Professional Rugby League Match Officials "for taking the brave step of pursuing this matter".

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  • Couldn't this have been posted in another blog.....

    Talk about overkill....



    • Speaking of overkill, we all now understand that your name is Scott, so you don't have to keep posting it at the end of your messages.

      Best Regards


  • I think the refereeing this year has been not to bad, but that Souths game they lost control. I was thinking the other night, Robinson got a fine for commenting that Latrell should have been sent and mentioning Perenara doesn't have any idea (He is right), Annersley comes out and says he should have been sent.

    I know why fines are in place but Annersley and Robinson agreed, so therefore is a fine necassary? i know he questioned their ability and you cannot do that.

    But Klein lost control he was abysmal. Though i didn't like how Robinson made it all about how they miss Roosters players, Robbo they miss something from most teams.

    All the issues from the game involved on the field and off stemed from Perenara and Klein losing control and it was inept, Perenara more than anyone should have been gone years ago.

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