I can totally understand why players today move for $$. Players only have a short time in the game and they should make as much money as possible. I personally know 3 1st grade players forced into early retirement. Kaysa Pritchard retired due to injury, Kyle Lovett retired due to major mental health issues, and Adam Ritson for reasons we all know about.

 Going by what has been reported, Reed Mahoney has made the best decision for himself and his family. Loyalty between both player and club is long gone.

 I know it's difficult for fans as they become extremely attached to players in their team, but in today's game, the majority of players wear the jersey they do because that club paid or offered the best contract. I have learnt over the years..... My opinion of a player doesn't change due to the color of the jersey he is paid to wear. 

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  • Slippery , talking about your acceptance with change of teams for more money, it usually can only be ok with me if it is necessary to provide for sufficient income to feed and raise family. Otherwise it is more often pure greed unless player does not enjoy playing with current team or even club. 

    • It's not pure greed, because at any moment their career could be over. Any tackle, any run, any injury could end their career in an instant.

      The one first grade player I knew personally had to retire in his early 20s from a regular tackle that lead to a permanent injury.

    • Driza, the other aspect with a lot of the players especially those who stick with the same club in many cases for unders, and others for fair coin, are using their money for courses at various Uni's or similar education areas for careers beyond RL, getting a good contract at a good club is a big benefit and oftenr is advertised on the eels webb site.

  • Some clubs do try and look after players that are seriously injured. If a long-term bond is there often between player and club I think there will be community support. If you are a free loose agent and you get a serious injury you are likely to be on your own. I am not sure if players can get an injury policy that they can access.


       You are correct in saying some clubs look after players that suffer career-ending injuries. Those players luckily enough to receive some sort of financial assistance don't receive much assistance for a long period of time. One huge problem in today's game is the lack of, (life after football) education young kids get. Kids today as young as 12 and 13 that stand out in junior leagues find themselves in Rugby League development systems and everything else is put on hold. Some of these kids make it but many don't. Most of the kids that do make it to NRL level are only there for a short time, therefore, making as much money as possible is a must. The future of most retired NRL players is limited at best. 

       One of the players I mentioned above, Kyle Lovett, is my wife's 1st cousin. He played 50 1st grade games for the Tigers he also captained the Tigers premiership-winning Toyota cup side in 2012 received nothing when forced into early retirement. 

  • I agree with you. However I think we are the minority view on this. 

  • Age old question how much is a premiership worth to a player.

    1 or 2 million over ur 10/15 year caree. Most average players may get good 10 years.

    Look over some of the players who have won over last 10 years many are on average wage and sail off never to be heard of again. 

     Earn the money while you can.

  • I don't blame the players it's a short career maximise your earning.

    Clubs won't show them loyalty either so take the money

  • Players shouldn't be chasing the dollars they should be chasing the collisions FFS!!

  • Career wise how is it a better move to go to a club that isn't anywhere near where he is leaving.Players need to manage there careers that's the key to longevity in it.Jumping for the coin and putting yourself in a worse position potentially shortens your career also,coin regardless.

    Reed for the most part gets an armchair ride behind a foward pack going foward.

    How do you think that looks like at the Dogs.

    If anything they still haven't got a pack that wins in the middle every week there spine is not tested.How is this a better career move for Reed outside of the coin.

    If you think your body is getting punished here what's it looking like at a team that's Fowards are getting pumped weekly.Hey good luck with that career move.

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