Player movements prediction

With a few players being released over the past few days i am making a few predictions.

Bird to the Dogs

Matterson to Titans

Arrow to Eels

Lichaa to UK

Sezer to Broncos

Leilua to Dogs

Rapana to Union


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  • Matterson will be at the Eels

  • parra moved matterson on,after many run in with brad, he did not like hard train hindy reported,  why would he change now.

    • He has grown into a much better player since then Robert. Training under Robinson really would have changed him. 

    • He left cause BA told him he was a back rower, he went to the roosters wanting to play 5/8. Today he is a ? . 

  • I hope you are spot on with this prediction for the Eels Outrunna

  • Croft to Broncos 

    Ramien to Sharks 

    Milford to Titans


  • Im saying Darius to parra.

    • That's what I am hearing, swap for Brown to play 5/8 for the esteemed Broncos to better himself as a player and his cousin Rangi lives there . Darius to replace Gutho as Captain and fullback , Gutho to 5/8.

      • Eggman, surely that's a gee up, one of the most unbelievabe I've ever!!!

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