Penrith are the team to beat.

Who watching the Panthers? Boy they are playing fantastic football, big quick outside backs, strong forwards, great in attack & defence. Smashing Canberra 24-0 at half time & Canberra ain’t playing bad, will we be ready for them? Who can stop them? 

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      • I'm not convinced they will change them much Robert, who would you drop from the current team to fit that 5 back in.

        • It's not a matter of fitting that 5 back in Poppa, it's a matter of having those 5 available if ''further'' injuries occur, and having those 5 back gives the Panthers ADDED ''depth'' to their ''roster'' and that's what every team needs and Penrith will have that.

        • Seriously silly question, i thought you were smarter than that.??

  • The panthers first half was very different the thier second half. They looked great in the first half, everything went thier way. But the second half the raiders put it to them a bit and the points dried up. Teams are giving Cleary way too much time to do his thing

    • I agree, but most team heve gone through that thus far this year, wouldn't you agree.??

  • Penrith will easily finish Minor Premiers.  They are on top of their game and I can only see them losing once more if at all and that is against us . 

    Panthers - Warriors (a), Sharks ( H) , West Tigers ( h) , Broncos ( a) , Parra ( h ) , Cowboys ( a) , Dogs ) a ) ...  

    Parra - Dragons (h), Storm ( h) , Souths (h), Warriors (a) , Panthers (a), Broncos (H) and West Tigers ( H) 

    Big issue for them is going to be staying up for another 12 weeks. Other than Parra playing teams preparing for 2021 so intensity might not be there.   They could end up with Storm first week and I dont think they will be ready for them semi finals with half the team being kids and Storm being seasoned semi finalists.  

    Every team has peaks and troughs. The good teams started to build generally after Origin and peaking at the right time. We were white hot for 4-5 weeks after the covid resumption and then have slumped for 3-4 weeks.  We could also be in the middle of the heavy training block and start to taper off in next week or two . The base is built in and the work done and we can move on.


    Who knows.  We just need to win the games we are expected to win and pick up a game off Panthers or Storm and we are top 4. 

    • Good assessment, but if we do happen make the top 4, will we just be making up the numbers, like last year when we got flooged by the Storm.?? Not to mention the 2001 & 2009 GF's.??

  • All the Panthers points come in the first half, they come flying out of the gate & are very hard to stop. But in saying that I believe they can be beaten & would rather play them, than Melbourne or Sydney Roosters. Peaked to early, what’s that mean? They have improvement in them like all teams. If they fix their second halves they would be very hard to beat, this team young, tough, all them are heading in one direction, they ain’t going to fade away. Injuries might play a part like any other team. Here we are talking about how flat we’ve been but we had up to 6 players out at one stages, so injuries & suspension can change the tide. 

    • I checked the Panthers website, they have 5 players out with injury atm and they are still winning, they are all due back in the coming weeks, a full strength Panther outfit, wow, anything could happen, just saying.

  • The most impressive part is the depth the panthers have, Brian To'o, Capwell, Dean Whare, Dylan Edwards all decent first graders and the team have not skipped a beat. 

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