Did Peni just play Kaufusi into first grade

I truely love to see Peni charge onto one but I shudder as he goes to catch it. That drop tonite in front of the posts was typical, all heart.but jeez brus had one job!

Kaufusi to get match time I hope

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  • I had to chuckle when people were saying during the week that he's got the drop out of his game. He has definitely still got at least one fumble in him old Peni. But he's still got a lot of upside. Nearly opened it up for Blake on the right side but his pass was just a little behind him. 

  • Peni makes a lot of cents

  • Not alone the drop but he timed a hit perfectly but instead of smashing Pat Carrigan he got bumped of so easily.... I think he offers nothing more then Kaufusi and he definitely offers a lot less then Gower. Makes no difference when Brown is back goodbye Peni, Marata back to bench

    • Peni always runs hard and doesn't make a dent. If I remember correctly he's normally in the team because his defence stats are very good. Offsets his sometimes bad hands 

  • We used 'grippo' grease in the wet..stuck like shit, I'm really disappointed cause as some of the other lads here rightly say , Peni did smack a few but sat on his ass with Cardigan 


    Marata Evans and ...

  • Not fckin Taka


    Two touches again. Half hearted and jersey clean once again. Useless oxygen thief

    • His role was there for a back/s injury....Chuck..... I'm sure his cameo was a token run and no need to malign him in the circumstances.

      On the other hand I was very happy with Ray Stone's performane from dummy half in the last 15 minutes or so, not because he did anything special but his service was adequate and he showed me he can do that job as a back up. I think he has a lot more to offer as a player as well and he looks like he is a lot bigger now.

      • Stone is a goer, adds balance to the bench and has impact when he arrives on the field - can't say the same for Taka.

        • Taka was brilliant last year after he came back from reserve grade. Played his better ever footy.

          I agree with Stone. He's got mongrel and I love it. He's like that annoying younger cousin who's constantly on your back and won't f*ck off.


      • Agree Poppa 

        His passing has really improved

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