Parramatta Tear Up Jennings Contract

Eels tear up Michael Jennings’ contract

The former Australian international currently works for a building company while he awaits a verdict on his drug cheating charges.

Parramatta has torn up Michael Jennings’ $8000 a week salary while he is banned for alleged drug cheating.

Jennings was suspended by the NRL last October for returning a positive sample for banned substances Ligandrol and Ibutamoren and three of their metabolites.

The former Australian international currently works for a building company while he awaits a verdict.

According to Phil Rotherfield from The Daily Telegraph, the Eels will continue to provide welfare support but have suspended the 32-year-old’s contract which expires at the end of the year.

Jennings has played 298 games and scored 154 tries in the NRL since his debut for Penrith in 2007.

He crossed to the Roosters in 2013 and then to the Eels in 2016, where he has made 105 appearances.

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  • Had such an amazing career, a fantastic player for every club he played for.Thanks for your time.However had he not cheated he may just have made it to 300 games on GF day last year.

  • Sad story. He's legacy is up shit creek now

  • The title is completely misleading I think BEM. They've suspended paying him, they haven't torn up his contract. He is still on our books and we will have to apply for a salary cap exemption from the NRL, otherwise we're about $400K under the cap until the matter is finalised, which could be ages.

    • I think there is a very good case for a cap exemption until they can figure this out. The club has no options and are being held at the mercy of the whole debacle. So quick to stand him down after the "A" sample, yet months and months to get a "B". It's a joke, this is a professional competition.

      • Agree, don't understand why it takes so long to determine a sample in this highly technological age. 

    • I agree brissy but seeing as it was copied from an article on another site, I thought it best to leave it as is.

      • Wasn't meaning you BEM, understand it was a cut and paste, I meant the paper. Typical mis-truth as usual.

    • You're correct Brissy, the news is wierd really.  Its headline is:- The eels have torn up his contract, then a few lines or less it says that his contract is suspended, so what is it?

      I would say that its either the results are not far off being released, which could mean he is guilty, meaning his contract is to be torn up but from what point? The other side of the coin is the club needs to fill that spot in the team and are looking at a particular player to fill it.  All guesses welcome as to which is or will be correct.

      • There was another story elsewhere saying the B sample could take 2 years. That's just ridiculous. There's people's livelihoods at stake, let alone the issues the club faces. Completely unacceptable. 

        • 2 Years is absolute lunacy. It's already way too long after 4 months. Especially when the A sample must be almost instant and effectivle enough to end a players career leaving his whole character in question. What a farce

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