The last time the Eels and Clint Gutherson sat down to talk money things got ‘embarrassing’ – this time things will be different. 

The King is ready to remain on his Parramatta throne.

Hoping to avoid the drama which surrounded previous negotiations between the two parties, the Eels claim to have started contract talks with Gutherson about a new long-term deal.

‘King’ Gutherson comes off contract after next season but is free to start contacting rival clubs from November 1 this year.

“Gutho is our captain, we want him to stay and we are working through the negotiations with his manager,” said Parramatta general manager of ­football Mark O’Neill.

Gutherson, 26, will again lead Parramatta into battle against New Zealand Warriors in a Magic Round game at Suncorp Stadium on Sunday.

King Gutho will lead the Eels against the Warriors at Magic Round.
Eels coach Brad Arthur would not discuss recruitment and retention but did say: “Gutho is the club captain, he loves his role and he loves the club. I’m sure he wants to stay.”

Discussions are still preliminary between Gutherson and Parramatta with money and terms yet to be broached.

Gutherson continues his surge into the NRL’s truly elite category and is fighting tenaciously to retain his spot in the NSW State of Origin side.

Sam Ayoub, Gutherson’s manager, wanted to stress his client still had a year-and-a-half remaining on his ­current three-season deal.

“You always want to get a deal done but the deal has to be fair and there’s a lot to weigh up when he’s not off contract for another 18 months,” Ayoub said. “There are a lot of considerations, there is a lot involved.”
Clint Gutherson would attract plenty of interest on the open market.
Gutherson turns 27 in September and would be 28 by the time his current Parramatta deal expires late next year.

A possible three-year deal would take Gutherson to 31. There is little doubt Gutherson would attract immediate and considerable interest for 2023 if unsigned by November 1.

Contract discussions between Parramatta and Gutherson were strained and challenging before the Eels fullback signed his last deal back in mid-2019. During those talks, the Eels was ready to withdraw their offer, claiming negotiations were being played out in the media. At one point, Ayoub fired back by labelling Parramatta’s behaviour “embarrassing”.

Parramatta fans can expect to see Clint Gutherson in blue and gold for a bit longer.
Eels management is desperately hoping to avoid another round of protracted negotiations involving Gutherson.

After re-signing in 2019, Gutherson, a Manly junior, said: “I love the club and our loyal fans, I love playing the game and I love my teammates so I’m very happy I’m staying.”
The Eels expect forward Ryan Matterson to take up an option to remain at Parramatta next season. Reed Mahoney also comes off contract after next season with Parramatta certain to want the hardworking hooker retained.

Parramatta are paying $7 to win this year’s grand final, according to the TAB, behind Penrith ($3), Melbourne ($4) and Souths ($5.50).

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  • Ayoub is a dope who does nothing but cause drama for clubs. Having said that he does work for Gutho (not the other way around). Gutho can instruct him to get a deal done efficiently and effectively or he can allow him to threaten the club in the media and cause enormous distractions to the club and his teammates. Up to you Gutho. 

  • Why don't players negotiate thier own contracts? 

    • This.

      How fucking hard is it if you're established in 1st grade. Your highlights reel does all the talking.

      I want this much, what can you offer me.

      Tske that go to the next club and the next and so on.

      Come back if you get a better offer etc, and renegotiate if you want to stay.

      • I think it was Parker who negotiated his own contracts, and after retiring says he regretted doing so, as he felt he dudded himself out of a lot of money.

        Negotiating is an art, and not everyone can do it.

        • Bit of a double edged sword imo.

          Parker ONLY ever wanted to play for the Broncos, this put him behind the 8 ball before negotiations even began.

          Having a manager with good negotiation skills would have been under the pump to do a great deal better.

          Funny how Parker commented, after re-signing on a few occassions, at how happy he was to "still be at the Broncos" yet now claims he dudded himself.

    • Why doesn't everyone sell their own house? Selling is not for everyone. I'm sure there probably are some players who could negotiate their own contracts. But at a guess I'd suggest most NRL players wouldn't know where to start and would screw things up for either themselves or their clubs. 
      People blame player agents and deservedly so, however players aren't blameless either. The player can be very clear with what they're looking for and what they think is reasonable. In most cases like that a deal can be done without much fuss.  However if the player has dollar signs in their eyes and unrealistic expectations or they don't control their agent (who will always just chase the biggest dollar) then a circus can ensue. I hope Gutho manages Ayoub and gets a deal done easily. 

      • I understand this process is not for everyone, what are players really paying for? It would be interesting to understand what these player agents offer in terms of services

  • Hopefully they can lock in the King long term.

    Awesome fullback and the best captain we have had for a hell of a long time.



  • Forward thinking feels so weird from this club.

    Offer 3 with possibly a 12 month option thrown in.

    I am sure Gutho would address upgrade options during the life of the contract.

    Winners act proactively not reactively, this is an extemeley good look coming from the club imo..

  • I would be cautious. Gutho is arguably our best play but has also suffered a few ACL injuries. It will be interesting to see how long more Gutho can be an elite fullback in the NRL. 

This reply was deleted.

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