Parramatta Eels 2021 Draw

(H) - Home Game

(A) - Away Game


Round 1: vs Broncos at Suncorp Stadium, Friday 7.55pm (A)


Round 2: vs Storm at BankWest Stadium, Thursday 7.50pm (H)


Round 3: vs Sharks at BankWest Stadium, Saturday 7.35pm


Round 4: vs Tigers at BankWest Stadium, Easter Monday 4pm (A)


Round 5: vs Dragons at BankWest Stadium, Sunday 6.15pm (H)


Round 6: vs Raiders at GIO Stadium, Saturday 7.35pm (A)


Round 7: vs Broncos at TIO Stadium Darwin, Friday 7.55pm (H)


Round 8: vs Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium, Saturday 5.30pm (A)


Round 9: vs Roosters at BankWest Stadium, Friday 7.55pm (H)


Round 10: vs Warriors at Suncorp Stadium, Sunday 1.50pm (Magic Round) (A)


Round 11: vs Sea Eagles at BankWest Stadium, Sunday 4pm (H)


Round 12: vs Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium, Saturday 5.30pm (A)


Round 13: vs Knights at McDonald Jones Stadium, Sunday 4pm (A)


Round 14: vs Tigers at BankWest Stadium, Sunday 4pm (H)


Round 15: vs Bulldogs at BankWest Stadium, Sunday 2pm (H)


Round 16: vs Panthers at Panthers Stadium, Friday 7.55pm (A)


Round 17: Bye


Round 18: vs Titans at Cbus Super Stadium, Friday 6pm (A)


Round 19: vs Raiders at BankWest Stadium, Thursday 7.55pm (H)


Round 20: vs Roosters at Sydney Cricket Ground, Thursday 7.50pm


Round 21: vs Rabbitohs at BankWest Stadium, Friday 7.55pm (H)


Round 22: vs Sea Eagles at Lottoland, Saturday 7.35pm (A)


Round 23: vs Cowboys at BankWest Stadium, Saturday 7.35pm (H)


Round 24: vs Storm at AAMI Park, Saturday 7.35pm (A)


Round 25: vs Panthers at BankWest Stadium, Friday 7.55pm (H)



Who we play once: Sharks, Dragons, Warriors, Knights, Titans, Cowboys


Who we play twice: Broncos, Storm, Tigers, Raiders, Bulldogs, Roosters, Rabbitohs, Sea Eagles, Panthers




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  • On last years early form - 15 wins

    Based on 2019 season ladder, 30 points would finish us 5th or 6th.

    Finals will be a week 2 exit 3-peat if we can't get over Storm, Roosters, Raiders, Rabbits and Panthers during the year.

    Felt like the current team peaked in 2019 into pre-COVID 2020. Hope I'm wrong.

  • I love the idea of a tough season. Gets you playing most likely the teams who will be in the 8. Which means they will be better prepared for the 8. 

  • We were given a dream run and couldn't do anything with it so maybe they surprise me anyway hopes are set very low already so meh who cares

  • 8218544680?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Looking at going back to a normal season is a challenge that the players and coaching staff have a challenge ahead of them, but that applies to all the teams though.

    At the top of my list of concerns is the refs and what rules will apply and will they be applied in an even handed manner, likewise no longer making it very obvious how certain clubs are given something of an advantage when decissions/penalties applied. So far the NRL heads have indicated some rule changes but what they will be may be interesting as to how they may favour any teams over others.  Likewise will it be one or two refs? I hope but doubt it will happen is for the linesmen to be able to make calls by raising their flag for off side plays.  Wont happen but would like to see it.

    Head knocks and players ruled out for concussion.  In this area, I would like to see the normal bench, plus 2 extra players as pure replacements for injured and players who are rulled out owing to them failing to return, the way the game and pace its played at these days, puts a lot more stresses on players which I believe happened this year. If one team only losses a replacement player owing to failure of a medical examination and the opposition doesn't it makes it harder on the team being one man down.

    This last season the eels went out great in the early rounds and then played like iced up seagulls that played some fair to average football & won some games unconvincingly but good enough to maintain the a top 4 spot, that was in some ways a false impression when the finals came round, while injuries did not help we had players who did not measure up, and for me they need to give an account as to why.

    Looking at how the other teams in this years 8, each of them especially the eels need to at least replicate at no less standard than this season just gone.  Storm played to perfection in the years game plan, by resting their primary players at crucial times and being prepared to lose a game providing it did not affect their position on the ladder, other teams also seemed better in the area of maintaining their standard of playing, along with blooding young players for the future.

    For the eels to go further next year, they have to take a leaf out of several of the oppositions manuals and use the season as game of climbing the ladder from bottom to top, once a rung has been reached, then they work to the next level.  That means for each team we face, the need is to look at what rung they and us are on, and the next rung is the object.  Our drop off in mid season this year should not have been that bad owing to the point we won, but gave us no bragging rights either.

    I also see the need for younger players with obvious abilities to be given games in the NRL team and not just for 5 minutes late in the game, a system of rotation of the interchange players provides new legs, as well as bringing out what may be hidden potential.  In this one area, our backline 2-5 really needs to have a strong assesment as to their playing abilities and futures, as well as are they playing in their right positions.

    • With all due respect colin your second paragraph is pure delusional dreaming imo.

      Why do we have to change the rules EVERY year? Most of them are designed to benefit a few clubs only - 6 again being the most abused rule of them all. How to fix a match without any scrutiny whatsoever. 6 again is applied on the run and most of the time only the ref knows why he called it. IMO the size of the brown paper bag determines how many 6 agains team receive.

      EVERY coach should study Bellamy and the Storm closely, however few coaches would actually understand what they were looking at.

      Of all the apprentices Bellamy has had, only Robinson comes close to being able to impliment parts of what he learned during his time at the Storm.

      I do not think Bushy has the capacity to improve on 2020, he has peaked in his abilities as a coah - once again imo.



      • Mushy, why is it being delusional to have rules that are sensible and are applied to all clubs, teams, coaches, and those that are meant to handle them in real time at all games.

        Studying that Bellamy does is another ever changing role, at this point he has come a long way, but how long before a heart attack takes him out?  He has been fortunate to get and keep the players he wants and I read a bit on what a former Storm player said about him, and that was simple you follow and do what he says, otherwise go somewhere else. Many of the storm players end up being one season greats, with each year set players being released to look elsewhere, reason is they cannot hold to his training and player calls in the top side.  Something the eels should be also doing.

        Thing is though with all the player movements out of the eels this year, and another round of one season signings for next year, it looks a lot like the storm system.  End of 2021 and the club with the least number of off contract players are Broncs, Raiders, Panthers, each with 10 and Storm next on 11.  Eels with 14.

        • Hehe colin. It is delusional because we are talking about the NRL, they could not run a chook raffle if it only had one ticket to sell.

          The expectation is delusional, not the concept.

          I also addressed the issue of coaches attempting to emmulate Bellamy, BUT,  first they need to understand how he goes about things.

          Bellamy can punt players left, right and centre and invariably said players will always give him a good rap.

          A staunch disciplinarian is not an Ogre - he is Steel and Velvet, knowing when to apply each.

          Bennet used to be a master at this, as was Jack Gibson in his own way.

          When Bronx were dominating under Bennet for so many years, at the end of each season he would sit each player down (1 on 1, no time limit) and ask THEM to tell him where they could improve, where they excelled and what more they thought they needed to learn or could have done during the season - worked very well.

          However I do not see these characteristics in Bushy. Bushy is supposedly loved by the players but is he the Don? Iron fisted rule with uderstanding and compassion. That is what has set Bennet and Bellamy above all other coaches for years.

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