Parra- BA's TEAM.

Experts pick their current NSW's team

I skimmed through the NSW's teams the so called experts would put out and they have either 1 or no Parra players in the 17. I think this proves that we're a team built without superstars and even if a couple players went missing due to suspension or injury, we have the replacements to do a fine job. I think this is what you call having a system and not a team based on 2-3 superstars who you expect to bring home the bacon.

Kudos to BA for having us on top of the ladder.

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  • When Hayne left, the first thing I posted on here, amongst the majority of people on here saying we were then up shit creek without our superstar, was that finally, we could create a balanced 'team'.

    BA's belief in lesser players, well coached to get the job done and faith, is a tribute to him. 
    Looking back now, I reckon BA was secretly very relieved and excited when Hayne left.

    He has now built a balanced and successful team with no 1.2m a year players, but most of all, a team and coach who top shelf opponents want to play for.

    • You can't blame JH for the team being shite. He was a marquee player had 0 support or close to it. I just remember the overs we were paying for players as well as bringing has-been's. JH wasn't eating up the salary cap. The players around him and the coaches (Anderson, Kearney, Stuart) for about 5-6 years were diabolical. Most of the players that played for us between 2010-2016 never played NRL football again after they left.

      The current squad has been coming together since 2016.


      2016: Gutho, Jenko

      2017: Nathan Brown, Mitch Moses

      2018: Kane Evans (started shining in 2019), emergence of quality juniors in: Kaufusi, Mahoney, Nuikore and Ray Stone.

      2019: Waqa, Fergo, Lane, Junior Paulo, Maika Sivo and emergence of Dylan Brown

      2020: RCG and Matto.

      That's pretty much our starting 17 these days and it's taken 5 long years to put together. It's only this year we are looking like genuine contenders. Last year we were pretenders getting bashed badly on 6 occasions. A contender might get bashed once or twice during a whole season but we had too many instances of spitting out teeth.

      What I put down as out greatest aspect as a club as a club is clearing out the front office. The NSW gaming commision did a mighty fine job telling big Max to clean out and up the shop. No more factions and infighting. Giving the coach all the support he needs, reeling in the type of players he wants.

      The Bulldogs should take note that it will take them at least 4-5 years to clean out their sh*t roster-wise but if they don't sort out their front office they are fecked permanantly. Their situation is completely identical to ours.

      BA cleared out all the dickheads: Norman, Hayne, Kenny Edwards, Tony Williams and a couple lazies in Vave and Matagi and we have players who put the team first and think twice of their actions that might have repercussions to avoid embarrasing themselves and the club. We're currently being run as proffesionally as the Roosters and Storm.

      Rant over :)

      P.S Big cheers to the Panthers for doing a great job being our number 1 feeder club whilst chipping in RCG and Waqa's paychecks :P

      • Couldn't agree more Parra Fan.

  • Good points mate although i think junior might get a crack this year, and Reed with QLD.

    • I'd be very surprised if Junior didn't make Origin. He's gotta be the in-form prop of the comp and Freddy loves him.

      Reed might be close, but he's got some competition ahead of him. I think Ben Hunt will be starting hooker, if not, Friend will be. Everyone reckons Harry Grant will give it a nudge too.

      Hoping Gutho and Matterson get a run at some stage soon.

      • Friend has been playing pretty poorly for the Roosters. QLD can't seriously think Hunt is the solution at hooker. I can kind of understand the Harry Grant hype. But it'd be a really tough ask of him to play Origin after 18 first grade games.

        • Friend's performance was crap last night, but he has been pretty good for the majority of the season so far from what I've seen. It really depends where Kevvie needs the experience in his team. Hooker has become such an important role, I would assume experience is needed in the position is needed. Ben Hunt is the incumbent QLD and his last two performances at hooker have been good and the dragons have started winning...

          If I was to put money on it, I think Hunt is hooker. But, the form (QLD) hooker in the competition right now is definitely Reed. I think Grant still has a bit more to prove, the Queenslanders just cream themselves over the fact he's Smith's protege...

  • We'll have 1 or 2 in there this year with more to follow next. 

  • Having Joey Johns around the club makes me think that we may have a couple chosen this year.

  • I find it hard to believe we don't have the best two starting front towers in the comp atm

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