Omg when will this stop ?? 🤣😞😞😥

we we're almost over the line 🤷‍♀️

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  •  Disapointment to English fans is only around the corner....just like some other team we all support ha ha 

  • Iran didn't exactly put up much of a fight, but this is the most talented England squad since the golden generation, probably more so. 

    • Don't believe the hype, Iran still scored 2 goals. 

  • No offence carls, but ive been waiting years for this beetoota to say something remotely funny, im still waiting.

    • I know you ain't a fan 

      it's more ffs we made a gf 

      but still laughing stock 😞😞


    • It's so typical left try hard funny. I actually find more humour in attending random funerals and telling the deceased family I am an illegitimate child of their dead parent.  


      “It really is coming home,” said the pasty, yellow toothed man wearing an English football jersey he bought 15 years ago" 


      Seriously, that was their big grand finale type tag line ?  Fuck me dead , like if you're going to go racist for your lame attempt at humour , amp it up a bit . 

    • Cmon Snake, they tell original really really funny jokes about Scomo shitting himself at a Maccas.... that shits so fkn hilarious!!

      • Did you hear the time they called him , Scotty from Marketing ? Even the 1000th episode was brilliant. 

        Sick burn . 

  • England looked like a polished Premier League side - they should go close to winning it. But as we know the poms are a bunch of chokers like they choked in the league against Samoa after putting 60 on them a couple of weeks earlier 

  • Pretty simple actually.

    When we win a comp.

This reply was deleted.

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