• We need two more props?  Really?  Unless Junior is announced as signing elswhere. We have RCG, Junior, Oregon, Wiremu Grieg, Krakatoa. We have also signed Ogden from the Dogs on a train and trial basis.  Big and capable unit if BA can get him in the right place( yes I questioned his signing). We also have Lane that play middle.  I think Prop is far from an issue for us, when also considering who we have coming through the lower grades.

    • Agreed,


  • No 

  • Only should consider him if paulo leaves. We need to see how Dylan goes this year because our window is closing rapidly and if he can't perform we should be chasing a top five eight. Also need to find a hooker. I am confident BA can transform some forward into a good backrower

    • 100% about Dylan brown. Show pony in my eyes compared to other 5/8s. I'll move gutho to 6 in 2023 and go hard for Joseph Suaali from the roosters to be our long term fullback. Get verills to hooker around $350k. And focus on Greig, Kaufuso, Hollis and rodwell for 23. Turn penisini into one of the best centres. Dunster and that Fijian junior we got Solomon naiduki as our long term wingers. That's what I'll be doing. Who agrees with me? 

      • I agree with most of it Parrapower, except the Dylan Brown derision, but I also reckon we will get Baily Simonson from the Raiders to partner Dunster or Sivo. I also like the idea of Curtis Scott being redeemed at our club under BA's tutelidge and strict mentoring.  

      • This reply was deleted.
          • Pops, just calm down,  go for a nice hot massage down the road from your Cabramattan unit, then pass by gloria jenes for a coffee hit .  I'm sure you'll find that you won't be as rusty in the mornings 

            • LOL, it sounds like you were sleeping with Brad or entwined with him in some matter. Your word salad is a bit messy!

              i.e I don't have a unit in Cabramatta, I dont like Gloria Jeans coffee and how do you have a "hot" massage? PS I am very calm, I wake up and read some of this shit and realise the dementia was just a dream!



              • Pops, what they do is heat up a couple of large stones and slip them down your strides.  cmon mate, that's common knowledge. I've heard its better than viagra 

                • My guess is your "short" two stones, unlikely they were ever large LOL

This reply was deleted.

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