MRC - Jr accepts charge

Eels forward Junior Paulo was charged with a Grade One – Dangerous Contact (other) charge for a tackle on Broncos forward David Fifita in the 42nd minute of the clash. With a base penalty of 100 points, Paulo entered an early guilty plea (75 points) for the charge meaning he will be available for selection in Round 20.

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  • Here is what we all know will happen. 
    An opposition player will hip drop tackle an Eels player next week or in the finals and get neither penalized or cited, or if they are cited they will get off. 
    I think it overall fair enough that Paulo was cited. The video footage of Annesley shows the tackler grabbing at the runner's hips and twisting their body into the runner as the runner falls, which is why the ankle ends up underneath the tackler. 
    Paulo's was less a dropping of his body and more a lowering of his body, but the motion of twisting into the runner was present. 
    But if we can then admit that Paulo was legitimately charged, even if his offense was accidental, it just seems the Eels have a habit of their opponents getting away with what we don't get away with. Note in the same video Annesley admits Fergo's try was a try and the ref made a mistake, but when he thought that happened to Manly he immediately commented on it versus taking days when it happens to the Eels. Also, the Roosters were denied a fair try last week and it was like the NRL was arranging them counseling, what with the speed of the NRL saying bunker operations would be changed after the favourite sons were dudded 

  • Our club has no balls. They pleaded guilty to something he didn't do! Ricky Stuart knows how to get things done as that blow up yesterday will ensure he wins every penalty count for the rest of the year

  • The dices are loaded. We were never going to win even if we are right. Didn't we all say 3 days ago there was no way Jr would be charged by MRC? Got nothing to do with balls, all about keeping on the refs good side for the game and locking in 4th spot on Saturday.

  • Absolute Graham Annesley garbage. What exactly did Junior do wrong ?

    Sets a very slippery precedent.

    •   Even Broncos supporters were surprised he got charged 

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