Moses is the NRL's Quickest Halfback.

Moses ran at 36.1km/hr against Tigers (most likely when he scored the try). This puts him above Averilo who recorded 36km/hr recently. This means he has been the 6th fastest player this year. Everytime Moses runs the ball, he looks so dangerous. However, we only see glimpses of this during games as he reverts to trying to go around teams. Hence, Moses should run the ball more often like D Brown does. Think run before pass sometimes. 


It is fair to say we have the fastest halves in the NRL. 

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  • Clint Gutherson is also deceptively fast. I've seen a lot of people on here bag his speed but he's right up there. Only the absolute fliers like Turbo and Ado Carr ever show him up for pace 

    • If teams did a proper race to measure top speed, I recon we would have 3 eels inside the top 20. From the last 2 years, the max speed recorded is 36.1km/hr for Moses and Blake, and 35.9 km/hr for D Brown. 

  • I think 40km/hr is a 10 second 100 metres? Does that sound right?

    • If you run at an average speed of 40 km/hr you would travel 111.11m after 10 seconds. To run 100 m in 10 seconds, your average speed has to be 36km/hr. Obviously, cannot compare this to professional 100m records because they do the 100m in 10 secnds starting at 0 km/hr. When Usain Bolt broke the record, he ran at an average speed of 37.58 km/hr with a top speed of 44.72 km/hr. 

      • Average speed 40kmh, 9 seconds for 100 metres 

        • Yep that as well.

          • You were quicker than me 

            Either way it is quick 

            Did you see the time for Hetherington. Very quick for a forward 

            • Yep very quick. I was very fast when I was a kid. I made it to state level for 100m.

      • Ok thanks yeah I obviously didn’t get the calculator out or google. That’s bloody quick though hey. I do a bit of distance running so am interested in running speeds for the marathon. They are very close to the 2 hour mark so 21km/hr which even over a short distance for us mere mortals is very fast.

  • We got the quinella!

    We also have the slowest half back in the NRL on our books.

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