Michael Jennings Replacement

We should be in the mix to get Stephen Crichton from Panthers who is looking for a new home. He has demonstrated maturity and class in his first season and made the New South Wales state team

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  • I don't think we are in the mix are we I'd be dead set shocked if Penrith didn't have Crichton at the top of there resigning list.

  • He has a handshake agreement with the Panthers, I doubt think he's going anywhere.


    • Read this then know nothing.

      There is growing concern around the Panthers they may not be able to retain young star Stephen Crichton past next season.
      Originally he was expected to ink a three-year deal worth $1.5 million dollars, however a change in management will see him explore the open market.
      "I'll see what's best for my family," the 20-year-old told the Sydney Morning Herald.
      "I have a new manager and when I get home [from Blues camp] I'll start chatting with them and see what happens.
      "I spoke to Ivan, the handshake... I told him I'll see what's best for my family and things like that. I didn't have a manager at the time. Now I've got one, so I've left it with them to look after.
      "I was committed [to the Panthers], but I'm seeing what's best for my family as well."

      💬Where do you see Critta landing in 2022?

      End quote.  Makes talking to Mansour sensible.

  • Bush won't allow it 

    • Dubya or Snr?

  • Panthers are putting $1.5 million for 3 years extension. I reckon he is worth more than $600k per season. He is open to other rival clubs per the Fox News this am. 


  • The big squeeze must be coming soon as Penrith . All those kids are going to want upgrades . They will lose Burton , Laurie and Aitkins and more than likely push Mansour etc out the door .  

    I know we have benefited before with this domino effect picking up Jennings , Blake , rcg  etc . But  we have to be strategic in what and who we target .  


  • Corey Allen would be a better buy.

    • Hahahaha you got to be joking. 

  • Was talking to BA the other day, we aren't going to be signing anyone major 

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