Just had a look on the Eels site & noticed we have ticked over 25,000 members. I often wonder how many are ticketed members, but should be pretty good home crowds this season. I'm really looking forward to this season & hope to see the stands they way it was in the first final game at Bankwest.

P.S. If there is anyone from Eels media reading this please put more player interviews & articles about the Eels on the site. Man it's been a long off season & work has been slow so I need more.

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  • How do we compare with other clubs?

  • I'm proud of our membership numbers.

    The question I have is how are the Eels so popular with so much failure on field? Off field we aren't too smart either.

    It surely just can't stem from the 75-86 period can it? Sure the seeds were sown but can that just be it?

    • Mate I think it comes from the old actually right from 46.

      The locals were so proud that there was finally a 1st grade footy team west of Balmain / Canterbury. And a footy team that would represent the West. 

      My Grandfather swapped and became an eels fan as soon as they entered the comp then my Father in his footsteps then myself. My kids are now Parra Fans because thats how they were brought up and taken to the game, starting when they were babies / toddlers. and now my Grand children are eels supporters. I bought my 4 month old new grandson his first parra onesie and a cot bedspread to boot, He is already locked in and  coming with me to the Parra v Dogs game on thursday 12th March. It will be his first game.

  • Parra Fan, I put it all down to the Eels having the best & most loyal fans. Let's face it, if the back to back premiers the roosters go through a bad run the only members they will have are the players & coaching staff. If the Eels go well over the next few seasons, Bankwest will be sold out every game. Lets see how the roosters go when they get their new home ground. Hello hello hello hello Anyone here here here here. 

  • Just checked the parra website for membership not many left just bronze left and only single seats in platinum  and gold. With only 30k capacity only 5k seats to allocate. This will be the norm.

  • Just imagine if we were actually successful, how many members would we have then?. It goes to show how loyal the fans are.

    No premiership in 34 years, 3 wooden spoons, salary cap scandals, 2 finals appearances in the last 10 years with only 1 finals win and still 25K members.

    • Steel be with you:  3 wooden spoons! There have been many more than that going back to 1947!! Your referring to the last 34 years--I think "our" great coach will deliver another spoon before he is dragged out screaming! Why do we do it? I am a Westy from long ago but lived in Wollongong for a number of years- got married there. I came up to live in Parramatta and had a kid there. When he got too big for his baby clothes we got word back from Wollongong that a young girl there had got herself pregnant was doing it tough surviving. We were asked did we have any baby clothes we could give her. My wife got all the baby clothes we had, including many that were never used, and sent them down to the girl. Included among the baby clothes were two or three with blue and gold trimmings--you know why!. When the girl was told it was because we were rabid Eel fans she said that she would now become a Parramatta fan for life! I hope that happened and that she may now be one of those 25000 fans and her child is a fan also.

      • I was referring to the last 34 years.  

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