Eels star Ryan Matterson’s decision to leave the Wests Tigers for Parramatta was reportedly for medical reasons rather than money or a lack of premiership potential.


The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Matterson had a falling out with the club over the treatment of his injuries, in particular a concussion.

Ahead of his much hyped clash with his former club on Friday night it has been revealed that Matterson took exception to the way the Tigers and coach Michael Maguire viewed his injuries.

'Good signing for both clubs'


Matterson’s issues with the Tigers included: a disagreement over the way the club treated his recovery from a concussion, a belief he was pressured into playing a game just two days after being in hospital on a drip and indicating he wasn’t up for it.

He also took issue with Michael Maguire questioning his toughness, training sessions running over time, one of which ran 11 minutes past the scheduled finish time and a belief the Tigers weren’t looking after his body the way the Roosters did, forcing him to play underdone and fatigued.

744db6d13d7059a3c8c562d6483ff6c0"Ryan Matterson during his Tigers playing days." />Ryan Matterson during his Tigers playing days.Source: Getty Images

Matterson debuted with the Roosters in 2016 before joining the Tigers in 2019 on a three-year contract.

However, he quit the club after just one season, with speculation rife he wasn’t happy with his $450,000 a season contract.

Earlier this week the Sydney Morning Herald quoted a Tigers insider as saying Matterson told the club: “You will never win a grand final – I want out.”

However the Eels denied Matterson ever made the comment.

It sets the scene for an explosive contest on Thursday night at Bankwest Stadium.

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  • The Tigers clearly want to put him off his game and came out with all this bullshit. Especially low life Pascoe who made a statement earlier this week about Matto walking out of his contract and a day later praising Utoikamanu for sticking with the eels and honouring his contract. He thinks mind games will affect our performance - a sign of desperation.

    I am sure Maguire had something with this as well. He hasn't improved his coaching style and doesn't seem to have learned from past mistakes.

    • I agree, there is no doubt in my mind that the tigers insiders are making stuff up (twisting stories etc) to put him off and fire up the tigers. It'll probably work too.

      I'm expecting another ambush. I also suspect some Parra players will be complacent thinking the return of a few players will automatically fix last weeks issues. Not so. Long term perhaps, but not instantly.

      Expecting a disappointing show here.

      • I can guarantee you Nitram that the boys willn not get ambushed tonight. BA has made sure of that.

        The Tigers should be the ones looking over their shoulder as it's not the Broncos they're playing tonight.

        • Have to agree

          I feel as confident as I was before the semi against the broncos last year.

          If we come out like I expect, it could get ugly for the Tigers even before half time.

  • Who cares. Play hard now for us. Is all I'm concerned about.

  • This sort of stuff only serves to motivate the good players, I think Matto is in that mould so if I was the Tigers I'd be saying SFA

    They've only beaten the easy beats of the comp. 

    TIGERS versus top 8 teams 4-0 scoring 13 points per game

    PARRA versus top 8 teams 3-1 scoring 15 points per game .


  • I have no doubt that he said it. So what ? I reckon he's right.

  • Is this article genuine or a gee up ?


    How can a professional organisation f**k up the day of the game ? 

  • Have they just poked the Bear.

    I think Matto will absolutely destroy them tonight in reply to this stupid of articles / stories.

    Its a dead set hatchet job, that bears no authors name. Its being reported by staff writers of nine sports, that quotes a fox sports article  and the Sydney Moring Herald and unnamed / unknown persons who said something, but no one knows who. Classic nonsense article, click bait designed to do a hatchet job on on of best.

    Give em heaps Matto - on the field so we can all enjoy it.

  • I get tired of these 'bored journalist' pre game stories. Surely these journalists and media weirdos have better things to do like build a cubby house, take your dog for walk etc.. 

This reply was deleted.

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