McElduff not happy with Rothfield article

So Ray Hadley had a fun morning this morning knocking Parramatta, but mentioned that Buzz messaged him yesterday saying he is now on the BA sacked bandwagon and was about to interview Shane McElduff. Hadley then said when a figure like McElduff is interviewed there are three ways of going about it. Firstly you can say no comment. Secondly you can say ok ill comment. Thirdly you can say I'll comment but off the record so i remain anonymous. McElduff chose the 2nd option with Buzz. So upon posting the article, Buzz got a scathing reply from McElduff stating he thought their chat was going to stay confidential. Hadley said he is a dope and honestly i agree. McEldope did not know that sitting with a journlist like that getting asked questions wouldn't lead to it being published in the paper? Like is he that nieve? Now he is a very smart banker but RL knowledge is limited, as Hadley would say you can write the amount of knowledge he has on the back of a postage stamp. Now though i believe even if McElduff knew or believed Arthur was on his last legs, he would not say it at all as professionally you do not say that. McElduff said the right things, him commenting that it is too early to say Arthur will survive then not going into detail of how happy or unhappy he is shows he played it cool.

So why the hell did he think it is confidential and what's the issue with what he said anyway? He did not say anything in that article that leaned towards either backing or losing faith in Arthur, it was as straight of an interview it could be.

I know many here hate Hadley and do not take anything he says with face value, but he is right, he has hated Arthur for year, we know why with his affiliation with Denis Fitzgerald but has said the board and BA need to go. If anyone wants to listen it is around 30mins in today he talks about it.

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  • Don't worry LB  Super will come out and tell us all how great McDope is , after all he is the club's offical apologist .

    All McDope did in that short interview was show that he has no standards for the club , nobody expected him to talk about if the coach was under pressure . 


    He could of easily given answers that showed eels fans that the club had done form high standards and would not accept the failure , but all he did was dribble about Moses being out as a excuse and other injuries . 

     A simple answer like this would of been enough . 

    " Friday night was a disgraceful performance and one I apologise to our fans , members and sponsors for , i can assure them all that as a board we will not tolerate this type of performance  and everyone at our club are on  notice to lift their standards including the coach " 


     Go McDope .

    • I understand him not saying anything and he shouldn't as it makes the situation worse if we are to win more games. If you say what you said then about BA that adds more pressure that is not needed for him as his presser alone showed the pressure he feels.

      • His preser showed a dope who ran out of ideas back in 2014 , he should be under pressure because he has had a free ride for 10 years yet you don't want him to feel the pressure ?🤣🤣🤣 


        We aren't talking about a coach who is in his 2nd year and struggling , we are talking about a 10 year veteran who is struggling but let's not put any added pressure on him 😄.

        • If he can't handle the pressure of coaching in the NRL then he should look for a job cleaning toilets - nothing wrong with that by the way.

          • Well he has shown he can snap at reporters when pressue is on him. 2021 and 2022 he made entitled comments of i know what im doing, its rubbish they think i should be under pressure look what ive done here etc.

            Now he has targeted players in 2024. Should have done that in 2021 when signs appeared they are mentally weak.

        • Arthur's presser showed a guy who knows he's losing it and is going all out. Triple M said that, those comments had to be done and it is basically a last ditch revival ploy to get a response. This Manly game oddly enough i am actually looking forward to, as it will give us an answer of where BA stands with the group. Hammering = gone, lose but a bit but play poor = gone, just lose or win = they are still awake with him and the message worked.

          Daily Telegraph podcast mentioned they interviewed Cartwright before the game and he said he was so pissed off about the talk of BA being under pressure. They then said well on Friday you didn't do anything to shut those critics up, if you were so pissed off you would have went that extra mile, Carty was one of those who gave up too late in that half. His comments just jumping out like that could be a deflector for the meantime just to win some games hopefully. Again even if they are off him nobody would say it.

    • Maybe you should be writing his speeches Fong ! Yeah I agree, its really not that hard. 

  • The more the eels are in the media spotlight for poor performance, the more chance we have of BA getting the sack

    • I have never heard like this before, honestly there are journo's jumping on now and that's first domino. Now fans are turning. Sponsors are having a say.

      McElduff even said when questioned if BA is safe this year he said too early to say, he could have said he has a contract til 2025 and we expect him to see it out. I believe the though talk has started slowly with a keen eye. ALAND talking about performances would have been the kicker.

      With Bennett, a clearly better option as in coaching ability available too ruins the question of "who do you replace him with?"

      Those supporting him on podcasts are quiet too. James Graham and Wade Graham, former players are even saying it's time. But James Graham did say he believes Souths is a better job than Parra, what a flop, they don't even have a spine.

      • I am glad the reporters are finally criticising BA. He's had it very, very easy for 10 years. 

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