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Manu Mau's replacement 2020

Who would be the best candidate to replace Manu Mau when he leaves for England next year? I reckon, David Fifita is the best candidate to replace Manu Mau next season. Fifita maybe forced out of the Broncos line up in 2020 due to constraint in their salary cap. We need to act now!!!


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  • Haas or lodge, Fifita is not leaving broncos. Need to stop dreaming.

    • Heard Fifita might go so the club can get an actual decent half.

    • actually Fafita is the only one to most likely leave among the three you have named. Haas and Lodge, both have re-signed, whilst Fafita may be let go so the Broncos can sign a decent half back.


  • Fifita  > Arrow (Brown to edge) > Matterson > stick with Niukore

    • Brown is not an edge forward, he doesn't possess the mobility or the size

  • Arrow

    • Arrow is a middle forward. And we already have him. His name is Nathan Brown

  • Haas & Lodge have both signed on again with the Broncos so Fifita would be the only one from the loosers, I mean broncos.

  • Fafita for sure but 1 million a season is big money ? I’d be happy with matterson but not if we pay more then 500-600

  • Mau is on 350K, Fifita iscdemanding upwards of 900K that’s a no for me. Niokore did exceptionally well and has shown he can also play in the middle if need be. More than likely if be niokore starting on edge than switching to the middle with taka coming off the bench.

    Niokore to replace mau and to upgrade a junior as backup. Use the spare money for another prop or a quality back up hooker

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