Now we have been dudded by the NRL Evans getting a week. Fingers crossed MANNAH gets a shot far better than what we have and all heart. WHOS WITH ME?

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  • Im seeing a lot of ardent BA supporters not happy about Brads treatment of Tim, i dont understand it.

    Reality is Brad knows more than us about the situation, if you back BA you should be backing his decision here.

    Im sure theres a very good reason why BA dropped him out of the team and black listed him.

    Brads not going to do that without a good reason.

    • Still the shit stirrer Snake. LOL

    • You should change your name to flip flop.

      all I have seen from you is BA bashing and Mannah bashing now you want to use one to justify a argument so u don’t loose face.

      news flash your avatar is a clown.

      • What? lose face? flip flop? my comment was to the BA supporters and it was a fair one, sweetheart..

        Where exactly have i flipped or flopped, do you think because i havnt been a fan of BA over the last few years i have to disagree with everything he does, you simple kent?

        Tough lad with kids scribbles on his head, you must feel real tough walking around looking like an inbred fool, have another beer tiger.

        ''newsflash' your avatar is an inbred try hard with autistic kiddy scribbles on his head.

        Must be a real popular biatch in the truck stop toilets lol


        • I like how u changed your avatar, that’s all I took out of your reply actions speak louder than works flip flop.

          • I change my avatar weekly, sometimes more, obviously a slow learner Braaaad.

    • Moff, I think Snake has a valid point. It's about the culture Brad believes is best for the team and club. Tim probably feels hard done by, but he crossed a line with Arthur.

      That is in spite of me thinking, it appears to be a reasonable idea to have Mannah on the bench, with Kane out this week. Based on Wenty form and experience. And sure, it would be a good-feeling, sentimental send-off for his service; akin to a 10 year golden watch. I wish it could have been.

      However, personality issues and attitude takes precedence to maintain a culture. Even over talent or popular good-feelings.

      We only need to think of the All Blacks' N.D. policy to know culture comes first. And even they've had their struggle with culture (and boozing).

      Something has happened behind the scenes to put Tim offside with BA, who's lost trust or faith in Tim.

      It appears to have happened a few weeks after his R12 demotion. At the time he wanted to leave to the Tigers - not work for his spot; and it was shadowed by encircling rumours and gossip, some implicating Arthur. We also know BA is big on loyalty. 

      We hardly hear a peep from Tim these days. Note Josh Hoffman and Will Smith were interviewed after last week's Wenty's finals win. Not Mannah. Mannah's face used to be plastered everywhere, year after year. Interview after interview. And I can't hardly recall many times he was even in the top 21 since R12, despite having some reasonable form for Wenty.

      Listen, to Tim's 2019 Ken Thornett's 2019 Gala Dinner speech last week reflecting on his decade here. He thanked the club, his former junior coaches, especially Joe Grimer, Shield, Nathan Cayless, his father for shaping his work-ethic, the club and lastly his wife especially for her support "this year". No mention of Arthur. He's been at the club for 10 years plus, mostly in first grade and 6 of those have been under Arthur. 

      That is a very telling omission and suggests a deep rift between the two.

      Bottom line - has Mannah's absence from R12, when we were hanging onto 8th by our fingernails after 3 straight losses, caused our decline this year?

      Tim is still earning a first grade salary and helping Wenty, too. Earlier in the year Wenty were looking dead in the water and they've risen from the dead - even despite the loss of French. 

      Also, Tim's still getting plenty of love from fans playing for Wenty. 

      And it's not unlikely, down the track, in retirement, Tim will be in the news again with a revealing paid tell-all story, where he will mention Arthur again. 

      Departing Mannah reflects on past decade at the Eels
      Hear from departing Parramatta Eels forward Tim Mannah who spoke at the 2019 Ken Thornett Medal Gala Dinner to reflect on the past decade at the Blue…
      • HOE, fair points in what you have brought out.  Thing to me though is that sometimes pride, and I imply that on both sides of this debate can actually come back to bite both parties and often in a big way, & this may happen (& I hope it doesn;t) this coming Sunday.

        BA may be loyal to his players but how loyal are they all to him? I ask that based on the performances shown by those picked on the bench this week, out of the 4 chosen, Marata and Stone will do all they can, then we have Alvaro, how he goes as replacement for Evans will determine who wins the initial and long battle on Sunday..  Taka wil also do his best even though he's long past it.

        So who fills the vacant spot on the bench?  Here then is the burning question as to loyalty or pride winning out.  BA has steadfastly stuck to Peni and Tepai for the bench for some time now, as against blooding some of the younger crop that will or should be our future.  Tepai has gone from a player of potential that occassionaly has shown it this year, to a real has been and already waiting to move to RU, is his heart in this team really? yet he's most likely the one to fill Evan's spot.

        The other candidate is Peni, what does he bring to the team, or better question what has he brought to the team consistently this year especially in the last few times he has been picked, his only run on match was a disaster, and unless Alvaro can really lift and show he's worth two more years at the club, then we are in trouble.

        I don't know the reasoning behind the relations break down between Tim and BA, but both to me are guilty of pride taking control of their minds rather than for the club itself. During that mid year issues BA came out saying Tim still had a role with the club and picked on form, Really? has that happened?  A player now in his 11th season is worse than those with half or less than that experience? maybe the prize in the pudding will be that the promised job with the eels following his retirement at years end may also be blindsided by pride as well.

        If BA is trying to build a new culture with the eels, does that include putting down a long term serving player of the club owing to a personal issue? if anything this whole issue could end up backfiring on BA and come back to bite him.  In saying all that I have supported BA despite all the flack against him and name calling but he has dropped in my estimation in regard to this issue. Which begs one last question regarding it.

        If the real reason behind this conflict (my words) gets out in to the public arena, how loyal will it be for the players, but more so those potentially who are approached to sign with the eels into the future under our current coach?

        • Good points Colin. Give me a call on the mobile

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