Latrell and Wighton charged after brawl in Canberra


I tried copying the link to a Fox Sports article that has Latrell Mitchell charged with affray and resist arrest in Canberra and Jack Wighton with affray after a night of boozing to celebrate Wighton 30th.  This happened last night.

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                • What about Lockyer tackling the security guard while on the marching powder, or Corey Parker racking a big line off a dunny the night before his final game, or Freddy's wild nights out in his heyday or Joey John's entire career? Does this prove that the NRL in fact protect and preferentially treat caucasian players differently?


                  • Big difference between snorting some cocaine and having a wild night to bashing women , spitting in the face of women and being arrested and resisting arrest .  

                    • Sure, but the assertion was that things are swept under the rug for indigenous players, I provide examples were the same thing happened for caucasian players, nullifying the argument that it only happens for players who are Aboriginal.

                      I don't know why the NRL didn't stand them down, neither do you. Maybe it is because they want two if their biggest indigenous stars to play in the season opening exhibition game, maybe having spoken to witnesses they agree it was a bit of a wrestle between mates. We have no idea, but when so many just assume and assert that it's purely because of their race, it just reveals their prejudices.

                    • Not even remotely close examples. You forgot the part about being arrested and fighting police trying to arrest them. 

                    • Maggie you argue your points well but like a lot of arguments we as human beings become absolute. The examples you parade are not absolute but the fact cannot be denied that the "race card" gets a lot of play time across many examples in our society.

                      This is maybe not hard to understand, I think in this case we all saw Latrell Mitchell take a bridge too far....Wighton's history is bad, but Mitchell's is enough is enough.

                  • Magpie , we're those examples charged and spent the night in jail ?  

                    show me one that was and then the next day chauffeured back into camp ready to play like nothing happened and I'll agree with you . Till then , your examples are non comparable. Not even close.

          •  Haha Pops "left-wing nutter?' I don't know about that mate. My background is coming from a poor family background and who has lived in an excellent close supportive community. I owe a lot to the incredibly great opportunity of being offered a Gough Whitlam free higher education that I struggled with mastering due to disadvantages in my early life. Understandably my lived experience has sympathy for those who are denied opportunities around inequality. You only have one life. If those values are left-wing what is wrong with that?

            • Nothing Tad, everyone loves you, your still a left wing "nutter".There's plenty out there that wear their heart on their sleeve, nothing wrong with that.....just live with the destinction.I'm sure you would prefer to be a left wing nutter than an arrogant prick! Lol

  • What happened to the NRLs stand down policy ? Does it not apply to all situations ?  Resisting arrest , affray are not a light aqusation.  Yet the NRL dished out a ban to Dylan Brown for someone illegally filming him in a toilet and sharing it online.  

    Guess it pays to be either aboriginal or at least pretend to be an Aboriginal. Have seen players stood down by the NRL for much less.  

    • Attention pops ... exhibit A over here. Thanks for proving my point Wiz.

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