Latrell and Wighton charged after brawl in Canberra


I tried copying the link to a Fox Sports article that has Latrell Mitchell charged with affray and resist arrest in Canberra and Jack Wighton with affray after a night of boozing to celebrate Wighton 30th.  This happened last night.

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  • Moving on nothing to see here.  Both play round 1 and all matters dropped .  Great players but not a lot happening up stairs. 

  • The fact they are Aboriginal will help their cause with the NRL .  

    • Didn't know Wighton was aboriginal as he certainly don't look like one

      • When you say that Monts you know your fcuked!

        Latrell has had as many chances as Greg ingliss....its time to say nighty nighty nitre Latrell and Jack Wighton an equally big a piece of shite.....get these guys out of the game....colour is irrelevant.

        Mitchell has had more cover ups than a Frankie Fong pyjama party.....Paul Taylor there is plenty to see, you just need to open those myopic eyes.

        • Poppa

          I certainly dont need to be taking advice or guidance of you . Back to where you come from.

          • I said once before PT you are a pissant sychophant and your motley comment of "move along here" in the Latrell & Wighton case demonstrated what you really stand see yourself as a street cop and in the process judge and jury. "Back to where I come from" is an interesting statement PT, i was born at Ryde Hospital and brought up at Ermington......I have been a Parramatta supporter all my life and I have as much right as anyone to make comments, wether you agree with them personally or just don't like me is an irrelevance. Next time you want a make a comment about me, try doing it with some understanding and maybe appreciation.....i.e,. I am referring to my reference about juniors and quoting TCT, as has been said by the people who actually know something on here, there was nothing wrong with doing that but you thought it was a good thing to get on the picked the wrong mark PT.....myopia can be improved with the right lenses!

  • Meh, boys will be boys. 

  • Shouldnt be allowed to play All Stars, don't matter if they are First Nations or not. Dickheads playing up in public view, simple as that, no need to play ya race card - Fong n Monts

    • Well when it comes to the NRL the race card is played quite regularly as history has shown , it's just not PC to bring it up . 

This reply was deleted.

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